Living in a world jam-packed with bloggers dominating social media platforms through styling videos, featuring fashion trends and more, do you think fashion weeks are still relevant? Having debuted around the Second World War, the trend spotting event went from being physical to digital to phygital in the last couple of months. While most of us wait for fashion weeks to take place to get the glimpse of the season’s top trends, there are others who feel trends are passé. Whichever side you say your conscious is on, it is hard to forget that fashion weeks not only change the way we see and perceive fashion, they also give us an insight into why the world dresses in a certain manner.

A side-lined mainstream fashion category, men’s fashion has taken precedence over the years across the globe. Fashion that was once limited to the idea of formal shirts and trousers has today seen newer evolved formats that have blurred the cultural ideas about what is considered masculine. From bespoke menswear to silhouettes that are genderless, menswear found itself entwined throughout with the collections of prominent designers that are ideally confined to women’s-wear.

The global fashion weeks have released the trendiest best for the next season. Designers experimented with the basic winter essentials by re-inventing the modern man’s wardrobe. Capturing the best of tailoring, colours and materials, here are our favourite 7 trends that every man would love for the next winter season!

  • The Classic ‘Leather’ Tale

Timeless and rugged, leather remains one of the most enduring staples in a man’s wardrobe. They manage to evoke confidence, daring and romance all at the same time. This season, leather captured the hearts in the form of oversized longline coats. Designer houses like GMBH, Loewe and Casablanca showcased coats that defined the retro sci-fi films from the 90’s.

  • Polo and the Suit

Made popular by René Lacoste during the 1920’s, it was the tennis players who were the first to wear this sportswear essential, before it took to the mainstream fashion world during the 1950’s. A wardrobe essential for men across ages, the polo shirt was made more relaxed with the whole work from home game gaining momentum. To break the monotony, the shirt was even paired with a suit in the collections of Hermes and Prada.

  • Winter Bathrobe

Has the idea of wearing the dressing gown out in the public struck you? Unless you are a celebrity or dandy with sartorial choices, you may not possibly think of yourself in a dressing gown. This season, the game is all changed. Flaunt the ultimate bathrobe with the season’s winter coat trend. The most classic and elegant version of this piece was seen at Louis Vuitton and The Row, but also in the form of a down jacket with exaggerated padding in Fendi’s collection.



  • Childhood Sweater Vest

If not from a colder region, your idea of a sweater vest would have been nostalgic. Remember wearing them to school under uniforms? Neglected and forgotten for many years, the sleeveless waistcoat has made a remarkable comeback on the ramps of fashion week in a contemporary style. You will be stunned to see it in a floral iteration at MSGM, absolutely amorphous at Y/Project and paired with an oversized shirt at Hermès.

  • The Not-so-boring Sandy Tones

Indulging in the minimalistic tones this year? Deriving safari influences, the chic and understated hues of the 70’s are back. From brown to beige, these shades have yet a lot to offer. From trench coats to distressed jeans to knitted dresses, in camel, biscuit and sand, beige is anything but boring. Looking for inspiration? You might want to skim through Hed Mayner, Fendi and Acne Studios. Choose matching pieces or go for a monochrome look.

  • Varsity Jacket

Popular with the name – ‘Letterman Jacket’, The varsity jackets were traditionally given to high school athletes when they represented schools at sports events. Made with a striking combination of leather and wool, the jacket did create a mark as a perfect winter outerwear. We have seen it in so many TV series and all-American “college movies” like High School Musical, Vampire Diaries. The varsity jacket, most notably worn by athletes from the football team, rugby or even baseball from their high school or university, has subtly crept into the menswear collections for Fall/Winter 2021-2022 in the collections of Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

  • Paint it Red

The boldest colour in your wardrobe makes you more attractive according to science. With runways in 2021 brightening up, the upcoming season is sure to get colour-rich. From elegant suits to tracksuits, the bright and bold red was splashed all over the runway. The colour was spotted on an elegant co-ord suit by Casablanca, seen with streetwear accents in Marine Serre’s collection and in an unconventional style at Wales Bonner.

From cult of leather to the brightness of red, here’s your guide to score high on your fashion game before you see your favourite celebrity endorsing it!






November 03, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM