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Skirts are one of the most underrated pieces of clothing available in a capsule wardrobe. The options to style them are endless. You can wear them with shirts, tops, bralettes, kurtas and can also replace the boring saree underskirt for a more experimental and Bohemian look. If you are looking to be more adventurous – throw on a styling harness over a skirt that is worn as a dress and you are sure to be recognized as a style maverick. Find some of the quirkiest skirts in our curation – from pencil skirts to tennis skirts to gathered ones to handkerchief skirt to flared ones and some trippy ones to body con ones and ones that can be ruched up for more fun looks. There is a skirt to suit every occasion in fabrics that one can revel in. Whether it is a rib knit body con skirt or a vintage-inspired circular skirt or modern tennis and pencil skirts in Viscose Georgette or Bemberg Cotton Satin, a skirt has a timeless beauty that surpasses the regular fashion cycles. Agreed that hemlines of skirts rise and fall every decade, but this curation of bold and eclectic skirts will surpass any trend cycles that one may come across.

Made from materials like Jamdani Cotton, Linen, Hemp-Cotton blend, Mashru Silk, Cotton Matty, Mul Cotton, Organic Cotton, Jute, Handwoven Cotton, Slub Satin, Chanderi, Viscose Velvet, Mushroom Twill satin and so on, these contemporary skirts will make you want to eschew pants in your wardrobe. Find your favorite amid a range of fits – A-line, Pencil, Circular, Handkerchief, Asymmetrical, Dhoti-esque, Ruched, Flared, Tiered, Mini. Midi, Maxi or Tennis! Take your pick and twirl those Navratri nights away in these modern cuts, and stand out from the crowd. These are the best for festivities, formal occasions or a fuss-free weekend get together.


How can I style skirts for different occasions?

Skirts are versatile and because of the volume available in flared and circular skirts, can be manipulated into different forms using simple accessories. Pair them with interesting jewellery and tops and shirts to switch between occasions according to the level of formality expected. You can always reach out to us on – we are always up to discuss styling with

How do I care for skirts?

All of our skirts have care information listed on their respective pages on the website. While most of them thrive with gentle hand wash, always checks for instructions, lest you spoil something that is dear to you

What is the delivery timeline?

Most of the labels we curate work on a made-to-order basis. With the intent to reduce wastage of resources, we only begin the production once you place your order. Always check the product page for this information and you can always reach out to us via email or WhatsApp – we will be happy to help you

What materials are available for skirts?

Luxe Materials like Satin, Velvet, Georgette, heritage weave-inspired Mashru Silk and Rib Knits from modern contemporary labels like Advait, Amoda, Stoique, Doh Tak Keh, Meko, Rafu’d and Shriya Singhi

Timeless pieces in sturdy and simply fabrics like Cotton, Linen, Mulberry Silk and so on from labels like With N., Rias Jaipur, Happi Space, Deeta, Phuhar’s, RAAS Life, Thoughts into Things, Prathaa, Vanaras, Anushe Pirani, Bhomra, Nirjara, Sonica Sarna and Label Sugar