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Tunics have been around since time immemorial. It is universally the most commonly worn garment and is a quintessential everyday wear outfit that can be paired with pants, jeans, shorts and even skirts. Our limited yet diverse curation of tunics will be all you need in your capsule wardrobe.

Designed to fit every body type, the tunics are anti-fit, relaxed and made in materials that are skin friendly and authentically design-led. You will find sweet details that will make these pieces of clothing endearing, and hence will be a part of your wardrobe for a long time to come. They will stand the test of time because they are more design and textile driven, making them timeless and classic, along with the edginess that you can now identify with Ciceroni’s curation.

If you are someone who loves relaxed dressing that can easily take you from AM to PM with just a few tweaks to your outfit, look no further. The tunics can be easily donned with pants, jeans, skirts and shorts and can even be worn as a dress, with the right kind of belt. The curation is replete with details in embroidery, checks, polkas, stripes, colour blocking, different woven designs and Bandhani patterns in luxury-inducing fabrics like Chanderi Silk-Cotton, Viscose Slub Satin, Handwoven Cotton, Linen, Cotton Matty, Recycled Cotton and so on.

Tunics that you would want to live in forever is what we believe sets our collection apart. You will want to wear it to laze around the house, wear it to grocery shopping, a cutesy date, comfort clothing to uncomfortable work situations and for fun get togethers.



Are tunics suitable for all body types?

Tunics are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing available. Anti-fit tunics are more relaxed and can be worn with anything and can always be cinched or belted for a more formal or fitted look. When buying Tunics, be mindful of the material and size you buy. We provide size chart for every product and urge you to be familiar with your basic measurements to avoid future inconveniences related to sizing. We are always happy to help you with any query – reach out to us at or on WhatsApp (+91-9904045564).

What materials are available for tunics?

Feel those everyday luxury vibes with tunics made from Linen, Handwoven Cotton, Cotton Matty, and Recycled Cotton. For upcoming festivities and slightly formal occasions, elevated comfort comes from fabrics like Viscose Slub Satin and Chanderi Cotton-Silk with lovely details that are printed, woven or embroidered.

For what occasions can tunics be worn?

Tunics can serve as great every day wear option for work and can also be worn for casual outings or for hunkering down for the weekend at home. Find some classic tunics that are timeless and age better with use from Deeta, RAAS Life and Johargram. Tunics for elevated comfort for light festivities and more formal occasions can be found from Amoda, Madder Much, Stoique, Doh Tak Keh, Hiranya, Prathaa, Nirjara and Silai Studio.

How do I care for the tunics?

Most of our tunics need gentle hand wash in cold water. However, since some tunics are made of delicate fabrics and have embroidered details, we also suggest dry cleaning for those pieces. Do check for care instructions on the respective product pages for more details. Reach out to us at if you need any assistance.

What is the delivery timeline?

We believe in minimal wastage. Hence, with that intent most of the labels we curate work on a made-to-order basis. The typical timeline for delivery that one could expect with your order is 15-17 working days, on an average. Do check each product page for delivery timeline and reach out to us on WhatsApp (+91-9904045564) for any assistance with timeline, materials and sizes.