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Brooches play with symbolism and go back to totems and objects that were used to grant powers, establish relationships and hierarchies and represent clans and communities. Fast forward to modern day brooches that showcase specific craftsmanship, techniques from different regions and can also be a reminder to others regarding what one stands for.

Shop from an exclusive curation of brooches that are conversation starters and are whimsical representations of icons like Frida Kahlo, regional caricatures of Kutch woman, Maldhari man, Kathakali, Bull, Elephant and species at the brink of extinction. Use these brooches to either make a bold statement and wear them to capture attention towards details in your outfit or let them blend into your outfit by securing pleats or gathers or create interesting folds with them. You can even use them instead of the usual saree pin or use them in place of fastenings in your outfit. They can also be used as a hair accessory with a scarf or a ribbon or a scrunchie.

Dress up your favorite white shirt and jeans outfit with an eye-catching brooch or glam up your festive clothes for weddings and family gatherings with these contemporary brooches. Create your own Bride Squad with these brooches during the wedding season by gifting your bridesmaids these thoughtfully made brooches. Make more friends at the workplace with conversation-starting brooches and pair them with your cool work wear. It is the perfect gifting option for someone who loves bohemian vibes and experimenting with their style.

A variety of materials like corrosive-resistant stainless steel and Brass that are plated in gold and silver, and textile brooches with intricate embroidery that capture minute details are a part of our curation. These handmade brooches are the best for gifting as well as to indulge oneself with a cute pick-me-up.

Caring for brooches is no different from caring for your jewelry. Store them in the box or bag provided with your order and keep away from sunlight and dust. Make sure the metal brooches don’t come into contact with perfume, lotion and moisture. Do check the respective product pages for more information. Since these are handmade, you can expect some imperfections that are a mark of the human maker and make each piece unique.

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