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Hair accessories can play an important role in the lives of busy and jet-setting women (or anyone, in fact) to tuck those tendrils of hair that don’t behave. They are the right “weapons” of choice when you need to secure unruly hair or take attention away from that little nest that develops on your head when you forget to comb your hair for days or they are tangled beyond relief. Find a love curation of hair pins, hair bun securing accessories, hair sticks, hairpins and hair strings that will give you an edge over everyone. If you are not someone who is into earrings or neckpieces, these will be your go to for formal and casual events to look chic and stylish and conversation starting. Whether you want to play with making a Princess Leia-esque buns or want to secure a beautiful braid or just want to jauntily place a hairpin in loose hair for a festive occasion, our Hair accessories collection is just the thing for you. A curious mix of textile, brass and leather makes them a collectible worth including on your Jewelry trunk. Embellished with beads and pearls and dainty stones, they may not just serve as hair accessories but also as brooches if manipulated mindfully.

The most loved Hair Strings that are handcrafted and come with little charms are one of the most trending as they are no-brainers when it comes to styling your hair. Just weave them into your hair for a sandy beach vacation or make it your signature style by mixing and matching different ones. If you are a Boho soul, hair strings will be a must-have. Style it with simple T-shirt-and-jeans outfit for an artistic look or a traditional attire like a Chania Choli for a more edgy look.

To keep these beauties last longer, always follow instructions on the product page. Avoid applying too much force on them while putting them on or taking them off. Ideally, they do not damage your hair if used gently. Avoid machine washing cotton-based hair strings and always store accessories in the dust bags that are provided, away from dust, sunlight and moisture. Make sure you store them well, as these pieces can be passed down as heirlooms to treasure for a long time.

Include hair strings in casual and ethnic outfit to get that elevated look, especially during Navratri. Add gold-plated and silver-plated hairpins and sticks to formal and light festive outfits for weddings and social gatherings to secure unruly or perfectly styled hair to get those vintage vibes. Additionally, you need not wear too much jewelry when using hair accessories.