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If fashion is hedonic, we are guilty of being uber hedonistic in the chicest of ways possible. We love edgy and quirky, and our curation is representative of exactly that. You will find a wide range of super comfortable trousers in our curation of pants for women because what is aesthetic without comfort in fashion, after all. Our collection of pants are textile-forward and detail-oriented – the right mix of beauty and function. You will find pants made from Hemp, authentic Andhra Ikat in Cotton, Cotton Matty weave, Cotton Twill, Handknitted Cotton, Linen, Modal, Velvet and Bemberg Cotton Satin that if cared for the right way will last forever. Immerse yourself in a world of indie prints inspired from Indian artform and mythology or get those creative juices flowing with pants featuring doodles and paint splatters or appreciate handcrafted loveliness with our hand-painted pants. The one thing that will stand out in our curation is that every pair is comfortable – it will sit perfect on a holiday, a languid lazy afternoon, a muggy raining weekend, brunch soiree or a formal meeting. It is quintessentially Comfort Core Max. Our curation is formal yet sexy, casual yet classic. Build your capsule wardrobe with our uber-versatile range of pants for women that even includes Dhotis.


How should I choose the right size of pants?

The key to the right size is familiarity with your basic measurements. When shopping online, the rule of thumb is to know your body measurements for Bust, Waist and Hips. For pants, know the waist and Hips measurements and always check if the pants you are interested in has an elasticated waist. For any assistance with sizing, you can get in touch with us on or on WhatsApp (+91-9904045564).

What are the different types of women's pants?

In this age of nostalgic revival and gender and body inclusivity, the focus is on relaxed pants. You will find a range of wide-legged and comfortable pants on Ciceroni.

If you love to experiment, try these uber cool and edgy pants from Doh Tak Keh, Advait, Rafu’d, Meko, Asaii, Phuhar, Shriya Singhi, Space and Stoique.

If you love timeless and classy pieces pick from our curation of Amoda, Anushe Pirani, Bhavik Shah, Deeta, Ekastories, Happi Space, Johargram, Koshue, Label Sugar, Madder Much, Nirjara, Prathaa, RAAS Life, Rang by Rajvi, Rias Jaipur, Shibui, Sonica Sarna, The Kaatn Trail, The Terra Tribe, Thoughts Into Things, Tsaku, Vanaras, and With N.

How do I care for women's pants to make them last longer?

We recommend gentle handwash over machine wash to make your clothes last longer. However, some of our pants are made from delicate fabrics, are naturally dyed and hand painted too, in which case dry clean is a must. Do check for care instructions provided in the description on each product’s page.

Can I wear linen pants for formal occasions?

Pants can be worn for any occasion, if styled well.  For Formal occasions, go for simple, modern cuts that compliment your top/kurta. For light festivities, you can forego skirts and pair your pants with sarees and dupattas to create interesting forms and points of interest in your outfit. You can always reach out to us on email or WhatsApp, and we will be happy to help you style your outfits from Ciceroni.