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Dresses for Women

Historically, the first drapes that appeared as early as 5000 years ago can be considered as the predecessor of the modern-day dress. It was also one of the most liberating styles of the 20s – a decade when women could dress freely without worrying about the length of the hemline. Our curation of contemporary dresses exudes minimalism and everyday luxury with attention to design details and beautiful fabrics. Our dresses go from casual to formal with the right accessories, depending on your mood and personality. When you need a break from wearing kurtas to your festive dos, our curation of dresses is just the right choice – crafted in luxurious Jamdani Cotton, Mulberry Silk, Mashru Silk woven in heritage patterns, Handwoven Linen, Organic Cotton, Blended Hemp-Cotton, Cotton Silk, Bemberg Cotton Satin, Cotton Hand-knits, and Chanderi Silk-Cotton, Chanderi Silk and Chanderi Cotton.

Every dress in our curation has an identity of its own that one will discover in subtle details such as prints (block and digital), embroidery, kantha work, and Sleeve details. Available in a range of cuts – from short to midi to maxi, or sleeveless to oversized sleeves, utility dresses for women to delicate tea-length dresses, these breezy and easy-to-wear dresses with whimsical prints will effortlessly see you through hours of travel or hours of lounging. Whether you are beating the summer heat, holidaying in a foreign land, or jet-setting to work – wear these dresses with boots, sneakers, stilettoes, or wedges, and wear them as many times as your capsule wardrobe allows. Soak in the timeless beauty of indie prints, delicate jamdani motifs, Zari checks and stripes, polka, and nature-inspired prints to glam up your everyday. There is a dress for everyone in Ciceroni’s trunk of treasures – our curation is edgy, eclectic, comfortable, drape gorgeously, all-embracing, and very importantly most of our dresses have pockets.



What types of dresses should you own?

We believe in making bold choices when it comes to your capsule wardrobe. Own pieces that are conversation starters and can be worn in numerous ways to different occasions that justify your minimalism. That said, any jet-setting modern woman must own one dress from each of the following categories, and definitely from Ciceroni’s curation

Light festive styles – these types of dresses may be worn for festive occasions but can also take you from AM to PM with the right accessories. Our curation includes labels like Amoda, Bhavik Shah, Bhomra, Chokhi Chorri, Neora, Nirjara, Prathaa, Shibui, Shriya Singhi, Silai Studio, and With N.

Everyday Luxury styles – while these dresses may sound simple enough, they are the most versatile and can be worn every day to work, in the garden, at casual gatherings, and even when you travel. Layer them right and they will fit right into your capsule wardrobe. Choose from our curation of Anushé Pirani, Chambray & Co., Deeta, Happi Space, Harper’s Lane, Hiranya, Jilmil, Johargram, Khat, Kritika Madan Label, Label Shreya Sharma, Label Sugar, Madder Much, Phuhar’s, RAAS Life, Rang by Rajvi, Rias Jaipur, Stoique, The Kaatn Trail, The Terra Tribe, Thoughts Into Things, and Vanaras.

RTP (Ready-to-Party) styles that can be worn for soirees and even formal settings when paired with the right accessories. Our work-to-play curation includes Advait, Doh Tak Keh, Ekastories, Koshue, Meko, Nouria by Dipti Advait, and Rafu’d.


What materials are used in contemporary dresses?

A range of materials are available for dresses. From comfortable Cotton like Jamdani, Organic, Recycled, and so on to Linen to Hemp to Cotton Matty to Satin, Velvet, Chanderi, Mulberry Silk, Silk made from Bamboo and wood pulp to Satin to Bemberg Cotton. We make sure that our curation is skin and travel friendly.

How do I care for a handcrafted dress?

We believe in less is more i.e. do not overly wash your clothes. Always use mild detergent and as much as possible wash gently by hand. Some dresses may require a little more TLC, in which case always check for care instructions on the product page for details. Do reach out to us on WhatsApp (+91-9904045564) or email ( for any queries.

Are cotton poplin dresses prone to wrinkling?

Cotton in general is a fabric that is prone to wrinkling. Poplin does not require as much care as other varieties of cotton. Steam ironing usually works, but one should also embrace wrinkles as a natural characteristic of the fabric – it is okay to be okay with wrinkles. It is a sign of hardworking women, we believe.

How are upcycled dresses different from recycled dresses?

Upcycling is a process that involves sewing together pieces of fabric to create a new piece altogether – the fabrics may be of different origins, but together create a new pieces of fabric or garment. Recycled dresses are made from textiles or fabric that are inherently broken down and then woven to create an new fabric altogether, for e.g. fabrics made from recycled PET bottles recycled Nylon fabric from parachute or construction material, or silk made from recycled wood pulp.