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Every piece of clothing in the Indian compendium is versatile. One more such piece of clothing is the blouse. Wear a stylish spaghetti or strapless blouse with a smart blazer-pant set to elevate your sophisticated casual look. Or wear a sleeveless, deep neck blouse with a saree to transport yourself to the snowy mountains of a Bollywood film. While you can wear blouses to match or contrast your sarees, a well-tailored blouse can go a long way in helping you style different looks. With the festive season coming up, make a statement with our luxury-inspiring stitched blouses that can be paired with our beautiful curation of sarees as well as be worn with chaniyas or skirts or even pantsuits, jackets and co-ords to create looks that are off the beaten track. You can choose from a range of digitally printed, Zari striped, padded, lined, and embroidered blouses in Silk, Linen, Chanderi Silk, Silk Cotton, Handloom Cotton, Suiting fabric and Chanderi Tissue. These blouses in classic cuts will give you that pizzazz with your outfits that is much needed to take your light festive looks to formal gatherings and fun parties. The collection features blouses in the quintessential V-neck, high neck, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, wrap over, and sweetheart. There is a blouse for everyone in the collection, whether you dress conservatively or prefer contemporary styles or like something a little risky – there is a blouse to suit all your requirements.



How do I find the right size for a blouse?

The key to buying Blouses online or for that matter any garment online is to be familiar with your measurements, especially Bust, High Waist and Natural Waist for Blouses. Always check for the amount of ease and if it requires and cup measurements for fitting purposes. Reach out to us on email or WhatsApp for any assistance with sizing.

How can I style blouses?

Blouses imply styling with Sarees – it is a conventional no-brainer. With modern blouses, one has the flexibility to style them with Pants, Skirts, and even Shorts.

How do I care for blouses?

Always look for care instruction on the relevant product page – if it requires gentle hand wash or dry cleaning. Always ensure that you slip a piece of paper covering the hooks (if your blouse has hooks) to avoid damage on the blouse due to metal degradation.

What fabrics are available for blouses?

Fabrics like Silk, Linen, Chanderi Silk, Silk Cotton, Handloom Cotton, Suiting fabric and Chanderi Tissue are available in Ciceroni’s curation of Blouses. Currently, you can find modern blouses from labels like Dressfolk, Advait, and Prathaa as part of our curation.