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Elevate Your Style with Ciceroni's Exclusive Collection of Men's Footwear 

Looking to step up your footwear game? Look no further than Ciceroni's eclectic range of men's shoes and sandals. From timeless classics to contemporary styles, our collection has something for every discerning gentleman. Whether you're heading to a casual outing, a formal event, or simply want to elevate your everyday look, our curated selection of footwear is designed to meet your style needs. Let's dive into what makes our collection stand out: 

Staples Every Man Needs: From Sandals to Brogues Our collection of men's footwear features timeless staples that every man should have in his wardrobe. From versatile sandals perfect for casual and festive outings to elegant penny loafers, sophisticated Oxfords, and impeccably crafted Brogues, we've got you covered from head to toe. 

Craftsmanship and Style Combined: Handcrafted Sandals and Peshawaris At Ciceroni, we believe that quality craftsmanship is the foundation of great footwear. That's why our sandals and Peshawaris are exquisitely handcrafted using genuine leather, ensuring comfort, durability, and unmatched style. Whether you opt for a classic design or a modern twist on traditional Peshawaris, our collection promises sophistication with every step. 

Versatile and Stylish Penny Loafers and Oxfords For a timeless yet stylish look, our collection of penny loafers and Oxfords is the perfect choice. Crafted from smooth leather or luxurious suede, these shoes offer a bespoke fit and unparalleled comfort. Whether you're attending a weekend barbecue or a pool party, our penny loafers and Oxfords effortlessly elevate any outfit, from casual pajama co-ords to swanky shirts. 

Brogues: The Epitome of Elegance and Comfort If you're in search of sophistication, look no further than our exceptional range of hand-worked Brogues. Featuring detailed wingtips and comfortable soles, these shoes are perfect for any occasion, whether it's an interview, a board meeting, or a wedding. Plus, their comfortable soles make them ideal for lazy days at home or leisurely walks along the beach. 

Find Your Perfect Pair at Ciceroni Whether you prefer dark, light, colorful, or sueded footwear, our collection offers a wide range of choices to suit your personal style. And if you're a woman who appreciates the design details of men's footwear, our size chart ensures a perfect fit every time. 

So why wait? Step into style with Ciceroni's exclusive collection of men's footwear today. Shop online and elevate your look with our premium selection of shoes and sandals. Because when it comes to style, every detail matters. 



How diverse is our selection of men's footwear styles? 

Ciceroni’s exclusive curation for men’s footwear consists of everything you need in your wardrobe – from sandals to mules to Peshawari to Brogues and Oxfords to Double Monks to Penny Loafers. Made in authentic leather, the soles are super comfortable and can be worn anywhere – picnic, brunches, pool parties, date nights, light festivities, weddings or formal meetings.  

What makes our men's footwear unique in terms of design and craftsmanship? 

All the footwear in the curation is painstakingly and exceptionally handcrafted and made in authentic and high quality full-grained leather. From intricate details in Brogues to the frill in the Peshawari – artisans use their exceptional skills to bring you footwear that is ultra stylish and bespoke fit for that ultimate comfort wear. 

Are our men's footwear sizes inclusive? 

Sizes are available from UK Sizes 6 to 11. If you need any help with sizing, do go through the size chart or contact our Stylist on WhatsApp (+91-9904045564) or by email ( for further assistance. 

What are the best practices for storing men's shoes? 

For leather shoes we recommend that you don’t wash them, only wipe with a dry cloth, use a good quality cream to polish the leather, and when not in use, store in a cool, dry place in the dust bag provided. For more assistance, you can contact our Stylist. 

What makes our men's footwear a symbol of everyday luxury? 

The footwear is luxuriously crafted in leather in various styles keeping the modern jet-setting man in mind. They are styles that can be worn as a part of your everyday outfits for work, leisure and special occasions. They define understated sophistication and let one create their own personalized style.