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Everyone knows it’s the most fun to dress girls and hence the rite of passage of women playing dress up in their childhood. We want girls to grow up with a healthy sense of aesthetics and accessibility to stylish clothing and our curation is representative of that.

Say no to cumbersome polyester and organza clothes and say yes to skin friendly materials like Muslin with Mul Mul lining, Cotton Sateen and Silk Viscose that will keep your little tot happy and comfortable all day. Gone are the days when girls had to sit in one place while wearing festive clothing.

Let their personalities shine through during the festive season with our curation that features kurta sets, kurta sharara sets, lehenga sets and kurta dhoti sets. Replete with details that makes children curious like flowers, the sky, clouds, shooting stars, birds and dragonflies. Made in vibrant colors with details like embroidery, prints and pintucks and gathers, these beautiful handmade clothes will only make their social selves shine brighter. 

Kids' clothes have great potential to be passed on to another child in order to extend their lifetime. Hold on to them as a keepsake or pass on to another child who could use the outfit for different occasions. Make sure you care for these clothes gently – handwash with mild detergent or dry clean where required. Don’t forget to check for care instructions on every product page. 

If you have forgotten to get an outfit for your child for a school function or a family event, fear not. We have a Ready to Ship section that can help you. You can also reach out to us on or on WhatsApp (+91-9904045564) for any order related queries. 

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