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Gone are the days of women wearing structured formal shirts for work and as casuals. Modern aesthetics call for much freer and inclusive fits that can be worn for any occasion. Ciceroni’s curation of multifaceted and largely unisex styles offers the opportunity to transition from AM to PM or work to play in a jiffy when paired with the right pair of bottoms and accessories. Shirts offer so many options styling-wise – wear it for a festive look with sarees or skirts, or wear it for a formal occasion with a blazer and pants/skirt, or wear it for a casual date or evening out with a pair of jeans or relaxed fit trousers. It is the perfect beach vacay item that will allow you to style endless looks with dresses, swimwear and shorts! Knot them, tuck them, fold them or layer them – it’s a recipe for success, when it comes to shirts. Our shirts come in a range of fits – fitted, cinched, boxy, relaxed, cropped, long line, and classic shirt dress for those perfect summery days and can be layered for those cold and drab days. Brighten up your days (or evenings) with shirts that are brightly coloured that come in bold and eclectic prints that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Unique techniques like natural dyeing, structured pleating, tie-dye, hand block printing, hand painting, reversible finishing for inside-out looks, Boro Applique, authentic Andhra Ikkat, double cloth weaving and so on make our curation truly incomparable. Conversation-starting and unconventional prints inspired by nature and mythology represent our assortment of shirts. We only cherry pick fabrics that are skin-friendly while also exuding rustic and elegant charm. You will find fabrics like Handwoven and hand spun Cotton, Organic Cotton, authentic Jharkhand handloom textile, Organic Khadi, Kala Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Muslin Seersucker, Tencel Dobby, Hemp and so on for that rustic chic look. Modal Satin, Lyocell Satin, Mulberry Silk, Suede, Cupro Crepe, Chanderi Silk-Cotton, Viscose Georgette, Viscose Orient Slub Satin and so on lend the luxe vibes to our exclusive selection of shirts.

If you want shirts that can be worn for days to be a part of your capsule wardrobe, our curation will be your go-to. There’s a print and colour for everyone, and so comfortable and that you would want to swap your everyday mainstream shirts for these.



How can I style women's shirts for different occasions?

Shirts can be worn with and over anything. Style them effortlessly with a pair of jeans, pants, skirts, shorts and even a saree, and you won’t go wrong with it. Create interesting forms using shirts by manipulating how you button them up or tuck the fabric or even accessorizing them with elegant baubles. You can reach out to our stylist on WhatsApp at +91-9904045564 for more ideas

(What fabrics are available for women’s shirts)

We curate keeping comfort and style at the core. The fabrics we love range from cotton and linen that feel like a hug like Handwoven cotton, Recycled cotton, Khadi Kala Cotton, Handwoven Linen and so on. We also carry shirts that feel luxe and get you ready to party all night long in fabrics like Lyocell Satin, Viscose Georgette, Cupro Crepe, Suede, Mulberry Silk and Suede

How do I choose the right fit for a women's shirt?

The right fit depends on your familiarity with your body measurements as well as the fabric. We always encourage you to have your primary measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip and Shoulder) at your fingertips or shop with a measuring tape near you 😊 when you shop online. We majorly curate comfort fits – some may even be more fitted, but they are always comfortable. If you are going for a more utility purpose with everyday luxury as your necessity, go for sturdy and simple fabrics like cotton and linen. If your purpose is to be more stylish and specific to certain occasion then go for the more fluid and luxe fabrics. You can always reach out to our stylist for size, fit and fabric suggestions

How should I care for my shirts to maintain their quality?

While most of our curated shirts should be handled gently (gentle handwash in cold water), always read the instructions for each garment as some of our shirts are hand painted, hand block printed and naturally dyed.

What type of shirts are available for different occasions?

We pride ourselves for our curation that is alternative and edgy, and hence will always stand out when you wear them. We have shirts for varied occasions, and here are our top recommendations:

Everyday Luxury: every day wear shirts from labels like With N., Johargram, reversible shirts from Label Sugar, Sonica Sarna, Rias Jaipur, Phuhar's and Deeta

Travel Friendly: RAAS Life, Asaii, Rafu’d, Vanaras, Anushé Pirani, Happi Space, The Terra Tribe, The Kaatn Trail, and Thoughts into Things

Light Festivities/Party/Formal get togethers: Ekastories, Amoda – Essence of India, Mulberry Silks from With N., Koshue, Bhavik Shah, Advait, Silai Studio, Shibui, and Doh Tak Keh