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Men’s Kurta category is seeing a revolution of late in the Indian market. Gone are the days of wearing the same kind of white and pastel-coloured kurtas in Khadi, Cotton and Linen for all occasions. Modern men with global ideals but traditional roots must have a range of kurtas to suit the different social gatherings they attend. Ciceroni’s quirky and elevated curation of men’s kurtas in Khadi, Handwoven Cotton, handwoven Jamdani Cotton, Mul Cotton, Handloom authentic Jharkhand Cotton, Muga Silk and Chanderi Silk will give you an edge over your peers when it comes to looking stylish and like you mean business. After all fashion is a serious business. Find embroidered subtle details like embellished gold beadwork in cracked patterns, peeta aari zardosi sitara work, jaal work and prints like stripes, Pichwai motif, and Mughal floral patterns in cuts like long kurtas, angarkhas and tunics that will for sure fetch you compliments.


Make sure to wear them at light festive events or even casual gatherings to break away from the usual humdrum of shirt-pant or shirt-shorts combo. Wear them with a draped dhoti, jeans, relaxed fit pants or formal pants to create interesting looks. Wear a brooch, a piece of jewellery like a multi-use neckpiece or bracelets to add that little oomph to your look. Make sure to smell nice, and you are good to go.


Our kurtas also serve as lounge wear during vacation when worn with causal linen or cotton pants or as work wear for someone who likes to go off the beaten path with their sartorial style. Kurtas give that rustic yet classy look and inspire one to be freer and open to experimentation. If you appreciate authentic fabrics and harbor a love for crafts, our thoughtfully curated collection of kurtas will be your go-to.

If you are feeling lost about how to buy the right size, reach out to us via email at or on WhatsApp at +91-9904045564 to get assistance with sizes, materials and timelines. The main measurements to take care of while selecting size are Shoulder, Chest, Waist and Hips. Always have these measurements ready when you shop online. Always check for care instructions on the respective product page for more details.


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