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Tops for women 

Tops for women are one of the most essential pieces in our wardrobe. Even if you have a few good tops in your capsule wardrobe, you can create multiple looks with manipulating the fabric, and its form and pair it with pants, skirts, shorts and jeans. In Ciceroni’s curation, you will find fuss-free fluid styles or tops that exude glam drama – perfect for any mood you wake up to. Whether it is a quick brunch or a glam evening date or a casual get together or a formal setting, make sure you layer your tops with vests or corsets and pair them with the right bottom for the occasion. In our curation you will find some Avant Garde fits as well as elegant everyday wear with beautiful details. Find fabrics like Cotton Bemberg, Hemp-Cotton blend, Organic Cotton, Gamthi & South Cotton, Khadi Cotton, Jamdani Handwoven Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Organic Cotton, Kora Khadi, Heavy Crepe, Cotton Matty, Muslin, Tencel, Tencel twill, Corduroy, Linen, and luxurious handwoven mulberry silk. You will also find little and big details like patchwork, embroidery, quilting, and upcycled pieces designed and sewn lovingly to make your style stand out.

The Tops for Women's contemporary interpretation of modern fits is comfort and anti-fit – and with that intent, most of our tops are relaxed, some oversized, and cater to all sizes. You will reach for these tops every time you look for something to wear for a dinner date, a midsummer soiree, a formal meeting or a quick grocery run. Any event qualifies as an opportunity to style these lovely pieces – go crazy with accessories or wear them with quirky pants or skirts, and amp up the kitsch factor in your wardrobe. Our curation of tops will be those items in your capsule wardrobe that are no-brainers – just grab them and wear with anything for impromptu getaways, unplanned dinners, and those much-needed coffee runs.

Big on comfort, Ciceroni’s curation of tops has great styling potential for everyday glam, elevated work wear. The basic tops can be paired with different bottoms – with dhoti pants for a boho casual look, with formal pants for a more aesthetic work look, with skirts for a more fun look, and shorts and jeans for vacation and adventures. The possibilities are endless, if you are open to experimentation.


How can I style hand-embroidered tops?

Hand-embroidered tops or tops with details in them don’t need too much styling – the details speak for themselves. Go for minimal jewellery or a simple bottom like a pair of solid pants or a skirt, and you are good to go. Make sure the details that someone takes the effort to painstakingly create with their hand does not go unnoticed. For more styling tips, do reach out to us on WhatsApp (+91-9904045564), and we will be happy to help you.

What fabrics are commonly used for tops?

Our curation of tops consists of a wide range of materials – from soft and dependable cotton and linen to more modern and young fabrics like Tencel, Crepe, Recycled Cotton, Bemberg Cotton, Jamdani, and so on. Our tops are best for that everyday luxury feel as well as give you the leg up on those glam wild nights out.

Are there options for plus-size summer tops?

Most of our tops are available in plus sizes. Do reach out to us on email or WhatsApp if you need any assistance with sizing. Our curation can be worn during any season – the key is to layer and accessorize.

How do I care for tops to make them last longer in my capsule wardrobe?

We are of the strong belief that you must not wash and dry clean your clothing unnecessarily, too many times. Your clothes require gentle handling, which also involves gentle hand wash and, in some cases, dry cleaning a few times. Always check for care instructions on the product page for guidance. And most of all – your clothes want to be worn – so wear and repeat!