Aclassic suit, like Clooney, is timeless. But with every Clooney, there must be a Harry Styles. While crisp double-breasted suits and pinstriped suits in black, grey, and blue are ageless and will remain wardrobe staples, today’s men are breaking the conventions of classic suiting to shake things up. They’re bringing in unique and unorthodox outfits and disturbing classic tailoring in the greatest way imaginable. Whether it’s Justin Bieber tinkering with a suit on the MET Gala red carpet or Ranveer Singh’s newest outing in an apparently traditional suit worn without a shirt, the lads are pushing the envelope to become more adventurous.

Here are five experimental aesthetics for guys to attempt this summer, ranging from the comeback of prints and patterns to the continuous expansion of silhouettes.

Print Play Shirt by Anushe Pirani

Though fashion fads come and go, the Cuban collar began making a comeback in 2014, when every designer from Louis Vuitton to Missoni began sending models down the catwalk in some contemporary iteration of the 1950s staple. These shirts appear to be available in every colour and design conceivable nowadays.

Giving out a very Pablo Escobar-esque yet quite desi cool vibe, the Print Play shirt by Anushe Pirani is apt for the warmer months of the year. Keeping you cool, it’s perfect for an afternoon and evening outing alike.

Style it with a pair of brown bell-bottom corduroy, leather shoes and aviators for a suave and nonchalant look.

White and Peach Cowl Neck Kurta by Rivil Civil

Long gone are the days of wearing linen shirts and breezy t-shirts to an afternoon brunch; take it a notch up higher and let the pastels do the talking for you.

Don this Cowl neck kurta by Rivil Civil and be the trendsetter of your group, the odd one out of the lot, and you would be surprised to see others follow. A perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, it is versatile enough to be paired with regular denims, linen pants, and white chinos alike.

Style it with a pair of green nappa leather sandals for a pop of colour in your look.

Venetian Ruched Sleeve Shirt by Advait

It’s not the 90’s anymore, and loud prints and bold colours are no longer limited to women’s fashion statements. It’s 2022 already, we have survived a global pandemic and it is high time that men lose the stigma of being perceived as less masculine while donning a ruched sleeve or a pink-coloured shirt.

The Venetian shirt by Advait is a perfect experimental trend to hop on to for this summer season, owing to its unconventional sleeves and loud colours. Exerting a cocktail hour vibe with a chic edge to it, its flowy and breezy enough for a sundowner event. Effortless to carry, almost anyone can pull it of and be the centre of a conversation at a party.

Style it with a pair of slim-fit trousers and white sneakers to complete the look.

Kantha Patchwork Shirt by 23°N.69°E

In the age of NFTs and Metaverse, we have forgotten the impact and importance of fine art in our lives. Fine art, as opposed to practical or decorative art, was produced primarily for aesthetics and creative expression. The best art, according to the aesthetic ideals established by the Italian Renaissance, was that which enabled the complete expression and presentation of the artist’s imagination, unconstrained by any of the practical concerns involved.

A wearable piece of art, the Kantha shirt by 23°N.69°E is handmade using the traditional art of patchwork and natural dyes. Featuring handprints created in iron rust, alum red and indigo, it is a sure shot conversation starter among your friends and even foes.

Don it to a museum visit or a music recital with kora cotton pants for a desi cool vibe or rock it with a dhoti for an edge.

Biru Unisex Co-ord Set by Johargram

A co-ord set is the most timeless ensemble one can put together effortlessly even though ebb and flow of trends. Easy to carry and style, it is one of the outfits you would want to repeat and won’t feel guilty about. Undoubtedly the hottest selling ensemble lately, co-ords are here to stay, at least for the summers. One just needs a sense of fashion and a free mindset to carry it wherever and whenever.

The Biru co-ord set by Johargram is a gender fluid piece meant to be worn together or separately depending on the taste. Perfect for a stroll around the town or an outing to the beach, it exerts a stress-free holiday vibe.

Keep your socks high to add an edge to the look and add colour to the socks if you want just to break the barrier. Pair it with your best set of sneakers to complete the look. Wear it as a co-ord or mix and match with other outfits for a distinctive look. Style the shirt with a pair of linen pants and shorts with a nice polo shirt.

So, would you hop on to the trends and experiment a little with your everyday style or would you still play it safe within the set rules of the game?