Ciceroni’s little curation for Boys that consists of versatile shirts to suit formal and casual occasions is a must have for any child’s wardrobe. Replete with little details like patchwork, hand drawn floral prints and whimsical animal prints and squiggles that represent the carefree childhood every child is entitled to. Pair them with shorts, pants and jeans and let your child be – their running, skipping, jumping and reposing selves. It is the perfect ensemble for a day out picnicking, going on an adventure, a school trip or a get-together with other kids and grown-ups.   

Made in 100% certified organic cotton and premium cotton, they are friendly on the skin and fit right into your child’s cool dude wardrobe. Shirts for kids are the ultimate markers of growing up – they want to ape what their fathers wear and are the best to be worn to events or a friend’s birthday party – the ultimate smart g(w)ear for kids. Invest in basics for your kids that stand out and make a statement while also being comfortable for all day wear. 

Shirts for boys are a great investment as they can be passed on to a sibling or another child in your social circle, so that their lifetime is extended and is used to its maximum potential. Like all clothes treat these shirts with love when you care for them – gentle handwash is recommended for all but do check for more instructions on the respective product page. 

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