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A saree is a very nostalgic garment for an Indian woman. It is the first piece of garment from our mother’s closet that we play dress-up with and the first garment we “borrow” from them. Whether you are a first-time saree buyer, or a seasoned collector, you will find “the One” from Ciceroni’s Saree Sandook. Our curation of beautiful Zari stripes in Jamdani Cotton and Linen, and handloom Linen, Silk, Cotton and Linen-Silk, Organza, Cupro Magnum Satin, Mul Cotton and Linen represent the quintessential festive favourites that take one back to one’s earliest memories of saree. These sarees are a minimalist’s fantasy land featuring Gold, Silver and Copper Zari in fabrics that move as you move. Effortlessly transform your look from Formal to Party with minimalist accessories to keep your look simple yet elegant. Access elevated everyday luxury with opulent and authentic textiles that would remind you of the blush of a summer evening or the bright colours of twinkling jewels.  Envelope yourself in 6 yards of handmade love with modern aesthetics that you can pair with eclectic Blouses, also from our curation, to suit the occasion. To add more interest, you can enhance the look by pairing it with a jacket or even a corset for a more contemporary aesthetic.



How do I style Sarees for different occasions?

Sarees can be styled effortless with Tops, Jackets and Corsets instead of blouses for a modern edgy look. If you also decide to eschew traditional underskirts, you can also pair Sarees with Pants and Skirts for a more contemporary and unconventional look. Always select bold Jewellery that highlights your outfit in the best way. Do reach put to us on email ( or WhatsApp (+91-9904045564) for more ideas and assistance with your shopping.

What materials are available for Sarees?

Find timeless pieces in Chanderi Silk and Cotton, Jamdani Zari and Tissue with vintage and antique vibes from labels like Dressfolk, and Hiranya

For more edgy and modern look sarees from Doh Tak Keh, Advait and Prathaa are available in Satin, Organza and Mul Cotton and Linen, respectively. Pair them with lovely Blouses or any Top wear from our curation.

How do I care for the sarees?

The sarees need a lot of TLC – they love to be cared for in the gentlest way possible. Always check for care instructions on our website for details and reach out to us of you have any queries.