It’s that time of the year to catch up with loved ones over home-cooked meals and easy flowing conversations. Hectic work-life takes a back seat while we ride the wave of traditions, nostalgia and the feeling of wonderment and companionship. While many revamp and redecorate during the Diwali season or just add a facelift to their old interiors, decorating for a Diwali Party is a whole other ball game. 

Diwali is a festival of lights but your theme cannot be restricted by that right? Diya and Fairy lights are already going to be part of your Diwali decor, spruce up your Diwali Party with an interesting theme. Once you decide upon a theme, decor shouldn’t be a humongous task. Make sure you choose decor that doesn’t clash or become chaotic the minute the person steps in the house. 

1.Colour Me Bright 

For the lovers of the aesthete, hosting a Colour Coded Diwali party is like stepping into a dream world. From decor, food to outfits, everything can be colour coded to create an electrifying atmosphere. Instead of opting for traditional Red or Gold coloured theme, take it up a notch by selecting Pastel or Ombre wherein guests have fun dressing up and deciding what to wear. Opt for pastel shaded flowers including orchids, Echinacea, dahlia or the windflower to create a soft and warm ambiance. 

Tradition lover Vanita Rawaat, NLP Practitioner and influencer talks about her personal preference for Diwali décor and shares “Despite the changing trends, I like to keep it simple and subtle. Diwali anyways is all about love and light. Diyas, marigold and rangoli is all I need for the décor. It brings in the festive vibes all around.”

2. Eco-Friendly Party

If Diwali is the celebration of good over evil, why not apply the same in our parties? Upcycle colourful sarees and dupattas by adding them as décor elements for Diwali party.

Instead of using oil diyas opt for light diyas. Save on electricity by shutting your bell and hanging an actual bell at the door.You can also do a plantation initiative by giving your guests low maintenance plants as favours and gifts.

Shraddha Gandhi, Interior Stylist at Doing Home says “An easy DIY like filling empty glass bottles with string lights can instantly brighten up the party. Paper lanterns too are a sustainable and fun way to add colour to quiet corners in the house. “

Use fresh flowers and organic incense sticks for that beady aroma associated with Diwali Puja. On choosing plants as gifts, Narendar from Ferns N Petals say “People have realized how wasteful it is to spend on bouquets that turn stale soon. Instead they shop for planters which are low in maintenance and which will last very long”

3.Netflix and Chill Party

Game of Thrones or Stranger Things, Downton Abbey or Sacred Games, what’s your favourite Netflix series? 

Host an edgy Diwali party with your favourite TV series theme; be it “Game of Thrones” themed party or just a “Netflix & Chill” theme party where people can dress up as their favourite web series character. Bring in the drama with stage setup like the TV set. Blow up the posters, add in printed paper napkins, menu card and turn on the mojo with original soundtrack from the series. 

It’s the age of Netflix where web series have become a common topic of discussion; this party theme ensures that the guests mingle quickly and turn their web wizard on for the pop-quiz.  

4. Traditional with a twist

A quintessential dance party goes a long way for the ones who don’t want to follow any themes. Good old invite with a promise of sangeet and mehndi through the night can get the Bollywood lovers clamoring for the invite. Dr.Azra styled Mehendi kiosks can be set up giving a modern touch to traditional henna. Henna flaunting is guaranteed along with dance on beats like ‘Kajra mahobbat wala, ankhiyon mein aisa daala’…

Channel the Bollywood avatar a step further. Roleplay, mimicry, dialogue, and dance can be added spontaneously to liven up the party spirits. 

“A candid group photo is essential to every party. The party may end but the memories have to be captured to discuss over dinners and soirees “adds the camera lover Vanita. 

Although we always wonder, who is ready to click candid pictures always. Aren’t the candids fake, unless you have hired a photographer to keep capturing your laughter!

5.Garden Party 

If there was a ‘shahi’ theme ever, it would have to be Mughal styled garden party. Slow down and bring in the festivities in royal style. Turn on the Soulful Hindustani music, light up the fairy lights on the trees, add in the diyas and genda phool, gulaab and kamal for the décor and you are set to host the classiest party of the year. For an intimate affair, a small yet well-maintained garden can be chosen, along with cabana-style seating. 

Narendar Verma, owner, Ferns N Petals in Surat talks about the changing demands of consumers when it comes to flowers as he remarks “While marigold is the first choice of the client during Diwali, we have seen a change over the years. Customers are buying Lilies and orchids as it adds a minimalist and modern aura to the décor. Since it is white in colour, it can be styled easily with many other combinations”

Decorate the trunks of the trees with hanging floral arrangements, wreaths or add some recycled bulbs and bamboo lamps to add the rustic charm. Create floral tiaras for return favours.

6 .Taash Party

Taash Party is an age-old ritual for people celebrating Diwali in India. The festival is associated with cards and it doesn’t matter if your guests are novice or seasoned players, the cards help them connect with the new guests in the troop. 

Globally people indulge in casino parties. How about fusing a Casino themed Taash Party for this Diwali? Decorate the party area card props. Create a life-sized photo-booth with Queen of Ace and King of Hearts and let the Instagram do the talking. 

7 .DIY Party 

Experiential parties are the new ‘IT thing’ especially when its created for the junior brigade. Most themed parties are around adults. This Diwali host a DIY party for your children’s friends. Their parent’s goodwill will become your brownie points. 

DIY Rangoli kits, wall hanging and diya making are but a few options for you to select from. If you are a master in cooking, turn it into ‘Junior Chef laddoo making’ afternoon. Diwali vacation demands activity. Let that be channeled in the creative pursuits. 

Check out All Things Love, a Bombay based DIY Studio, that sells DIY Kits and even hosts workshops, art classes and art parties. A DIY party ensures zero boredom. 

One of the breather of hosting a Diwali Party is that your guests are already in a festive mood with a spring in their step, they are bound to participate and encourage new ideas that break the stereotype. 

Go ahead and choose one of these themes and make your Diwali party the talk of the town!

October 23, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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