Fashion fades but style is eternal – YSL

Fashion has been intrinsic to human nature as the means to communicate identity. Closely affected by the cultural roots and media barrage, fashion is the reflection of society at large. Each individual adds their own quirks and creates a personal style. Regardless of our professions, we all tend to follow a particular style of dressing. It is very intriguing to notice the tiny deflections in style owing to the nature of profession, socio-economic background and culture.

In our quest to identify the style of women in Ahmedabad, we asked six women from different walks of life to share their personal style. Few were hesitant, most were excited. Some women did not think of themselves as stylish even though we thought they were absolutely spot-on.  Belonging to different age groups and work cultures, each one’s style has been essentially influenced by the surroundings and what they consume – be it art, movies, fashion, poetry, literature or music.

Style doesn’t mean following fashion trends and being experimental every day. It just means your personal way of dressing that embraces your favorite colours and eccentricities.

Ciceroni presents Style File of Ahmedabad with six women from different walks of life.

  1. Saanya Khatwani – Designer and Founder, Msafiri

“My personal style is highly inspired from my mother. I would define it as understated, classic and minimal. I have grown up seeing her adorn and treasure the traditional textiles, her love for handmade, her preference for classic – timeless silhouettes and muted colors. I believe it has a lot to do with shaping my aesthetic personally and with Msafiri” shares Saanya Khatwani, designer and stylist, on her personal style quotient and who inspires her the most.

Saanya Khatwani

This winters in Ahmedabad, she will let go of all her boots, faux fur jackets and mufflers that she had collected in her stint in Delhi.

On what would you want to add this winters in your wardrobe, Saanya adds “I will be adding a lot of scarves and stoles in kantha work, bandhani, tussar, ajrakh and handwoven wool printed stoles this winter to add a pop of colour on otherwise neutral monochromatic outfits. Winters also call for weddings; beige-gold tussar silk saree can be perfect canvas to style with any blouse. I will also add a black linen and zari pants-kurta set for the evening parties”


  1. Ekta Sandhir – Radio Jockey 

“ My personal style has to have statement piece; be it an accessory or textured fabric or pop of colour” gushes RJ Ekta, the vivacious belle of Mirchi Love 104 on her personal style statement. You would have heard her on radio and seen her on Instagram account where she flaunts her eclectic style with uber enthusiasm even on morning shows. “Oversized sweater, shirt or kurta, I would wear any of these as long as they have some statement vibes. I recently got a neon green dress too, that’s how eclectic I am”.

Ekta Sandhir

Her winter favourites – Boots , jackets and pashmina shawl for the Ahmedabad winters.

She will be letting go of her old woollen tunics this season.

  1. Shirali Shah – Fashion Stylist

Working as a fashion stylist in the city, Shirali Shah has to keep up her personal style.   “My style can be defined as comfortable with a touch of quirky. I love experimenting with my overall looks all the time. In today’s day and age where everything is so easily accessible on social media from outfit inspirations to style bloggers, my one and only inspiration was, is and will always be my mother, an epitome of grace, style and poise” shares Shirali on her personal style quotient and her inspiration.

Shirali Shah

Her winter favourites – Stylish scarves, beanie and long over coat that can be worn with pants, dresses or formal wear

We all hoard on to old styles and clothing in a hope that it will fit us one day. Affirming to it, Shirali adds “I already said bye to a few old styles and clothes that were over used this season. I gave away a lot of winter wear which included very old sweaters, jackets and few things that didn’t fit.”

Impulse buys too need a good bye, eventually.

  1. Janvi Sonaiya – Journalist and Poet

Working as a journalist and doubling up as a spoken poet and model also, Janvi Sonaiya feels clothes are her tools to rebel and express her story. “Clothing for me is a laboratory where I experiment all the time. The things I read, people I meet, even the Netflix shows I watch; everything merges and inspires me to dress the way I do.  A newspaper print skirt to reflect my work, a pink traditional kurta and a shirt over it look feminine and still authoritative, a high waist palazzo with tucked in T-shirt on lazy days or a saree paired with crop top to lift any dull day; these are some of my styles.”

Janvi Sonaiya

Her winter style – Leather jackets, quirky scarfs, knitted jumper dress paired with white canvas shoes

She loves to invest in a cashmere and/or turtle neck sweater from online Friday sales or Tibetan market at the river front. Get yourself a beanie to add the cute quotient. While some love boots in Ahmedabad, she gives it a thumbs down.

Noodle strap dresses, flimsy jackets, floral short dresses, crop tops and distressed jeans will be neatly tucked away from Janvi’s wardrobe until the scorching sun shows up again.

  1. Ishira Parikh – Kathak exponent

Danseuse Ishira Parikh, known for her inimitable kathak performances globally, is elegance personified in her understated style. On her style quotient she says “My personal style is a mix of comfort and elegance. Dance is an integral part of my life; definitely it has an impact on how I dress. Kurta, palazzo, churidaar and pants is my personal go-to option for dressing up. I have never followed trends however. I usually like wearing contemporary Indian wear that has an element of Indian heritage and yet embodies modernism”

Ishira Parikh

Her winter favourites – woollens, sturdy cottons and warm silks

Since her preferences veer towards traditional wear, there is nothing much to remove in winters but cotton fabrics. On a regular day, you would see her in classy monochromatic shades of black and white occasionally adding pop of colours like yellows and oranges.

  1. Monisha Desai – Entrepreneur & Curator 

An entrepreneur and a curator by profession and a fashionista otherwise, Monisha Desai raises the bar of fashion for many in the city. She is inspired by the beautiful stylish women around her. On what defines her personal style, Monisha explains “My personal style is effortless and evolving constantly. I like to mix and match between high end designers and new finds to keep it effortless. Innovative , experimental, chic yet comfortable – these are my pre-requisite for daily style”.

Monisha Desai

Her winter favourites –  Jackets, long cardigans and scarves to create interesting layers

She would say good bye to old linen shirts this winters.

While some gave solo shots, it was interesting to note that most fashionable moments were never captured solo. It was with people who mattered the most