“The home should be the treasure chest of living”

Le Corbusier

What Le Corbusier, the pioneer in modern architecture famously quoted, still holds true for all. The space that we live in is defined by the personality and unique identity of each individual. Designing these spaces thus requires comprehensive understanding of the function and comfort of the family or organization inhabiting it. Interior designers, architects, artists and consumers – all are faced with a dilemma of selecting apt elements in this age of over-exposure. While most are aware about the big brands and their aesthetics, there are innumerable others, carving a niche with their exquisite craftsmanship and genuinely unique designs, that exist in their own close-knit circles.

Breaking this pattern and bridging the gap of bringing forth talented designers from across the country in close connect with consumers is Ahmedabad based initiative called “The RAW Collaborative”.   The Raw Collaborative was conceived as a platform to showcase the work of Indian designers bound by the philosophy of creating products that are inherently Indian in their expression, process and outcome blending together craftsmanship, design, experimentation and technology.

The Raw Collaborative, the innovative and comprehensive design show that mesmerized Ahmedabad’s design aficionados with its maiden show in 2017, is back with the 2nd edition to be held in the city from 30th November to 2nd December, 2018 at Le Corbusier’s Architectural Landmark Mill Owners’ Association Building’.

Team Raw Collaborative ( L-R ) Rooshad Shroff, Priyadarshini Rathore, Tanvi Karia, Vishwa Bhatt Weir, Nimit Karia

The first edition in 2017 began to address the huge gap between the exclusive product creators and their discerning audience, with a keen eye towards detail, finesse, quality and style. This year’s event, 2nd edition of ‘The Raw Collaborative’ conceptualised and founded by Tanvi Karia and co-curated by Priyadarshini Rathore and Vishwa Bhatt Weir, will see a meticulous curation of 60 talented designers and innovative concepts from all over India.

TANVI KARIA, Conceptualizer & Founder Raw Collaborative says, “Raw Collaborative is the culmination of my design journey over the last 18 years of some exceptional eureka moments of finding the right product for my projects and clients, as well as some heartbreaking moments of not being able to connect the dots in search of the right piece for a particular space – products that required to be authentic, raw, organic, un-adulterated in nature. Ahmedabad being the hub of art, architecture and design in India, there could not have been a better place to start the initiative. This year’s venue is the Mill Owners’ Association Building which has a close connotation with the absolute raw, post-modernist, brutalist language which resonated with all that we envisioned ‘Raw Collaborative’ to be. This year we have Rooshad Shroff as our Guest Curator to bring together signature works of 40+ designers for the DESIGN GALLERY.”

The platform of ‘Raw Collaborative’ encourages cross pollination of ideas, design synergies and shared dialogues between artists, designers and architects. This year there will be studios displaying their range of products to end-users, specifiers, buyers and connoisseurs along with a Gallery where Design will be elevated to another level beyond the commercial aspect of it.

Some of the brands that Team Ciceroni is looking forward to check out : Oorjaa , Tuni Tales , The Borderline Studio ,Tectona Grandis , Savana Living , Kalakaari Haath ,Rasa Jaipur, Portside Cafe Furniture Studio, Floored , Mother Gone Mad, Abstrac and Magari besides others.


Displaying the zealous spirit of Raw Collaborative, Priyadarshini Rathore and Vishwa Bhatt Weir, Presenter and curator, W-Project together shared, “As everyone knows putting up an event or a show is not a meager task; nonetheless it becomes a stroll in the wind when a like-minded team comes together for a subject area we have been passionate about. We are presenting the second edition with so much more enthusiasm and rigor, at a venue which culminates the rawness and modernity of appeal and to the audience who will surely appreciate the efforts put in to bring all the right and sought after designers to Ahmedabad. We look forward to see Ahmedabad admire the celebration of design this weekend.”

Guest curator Rooshad Shroff, speaking about the Design Gallery said, “We believe that there is a lot that India has to offer in terms of design talent and design per say. The Design Gallery will showcase works of 40 designers, Indian or working in the Indian context, displaying their works in a Gallery format where Design is viewed and appreciated through its process, the narratives woven through its production process including the craft and the craftsmanship involved and then finally see the end product as a ‘Collectable’ rather than mere functional object.”

He added, “Over the last decade, we see a surge of young Indian designers with a strong design identity that needs a representation beyond a retail setup. The need for a design gallery within India was the springing point of the event we would like to bring out together as part of ‘Raw Collaborative’ in Ahmedabad that puts together significant pieces of design (furniture / products / lighting / textile / ceramics / accessories) within a gallery format.”


Exuberant designs of 60 distinguished designers from around India and abroad will be showcased. The 3 days are packed with ‘Raw Talk Series’, addressing different facets of art, design, and architecture. Eminent designers, architects, and artists will be a part of this talk series.

Ahmedabad will be experiencing India through Indian design at the 2nd Edition of Raw Collaborative from November 30 to December 2, 2018 (10:00 am to 9:00 pm) at ‘at Le Corbusier’s Architectural Landmark Mill Owners’ Association Building’.

Time to revamp your home and add some Indian craftsmanship to your comfort zone…

October 17, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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