Holi is hands down the most fun, exciting and colorful festival that is celebrated with full fervor in India. Cheerful souls cladded in quirky ensembles and drenched in vibrant colours and high spirits, swooning over psychedelic beats and popular Bollywood numbers… Holi truly is the Indian Tomorrowland! However, like any other high octane fests, Holi too has some after-effects and we are not just referring to dirty floors and ruined clothes!

The harsh chemicals and artificial synthetic dyes used in colours these days takes a toll on hair and skin leaving you with dry and damaged hair, sunburns, rashes and a stubborn tan. But don’t let these concerns dampen your festive spirit for we have got your back. 

We spoke to the experts and have curated some super effective Do’s and Don’ts for pre and post Holi skincare regime that ensures a hassle free Holi.

Precaution is always better than Cure 

Pre Holi Skincare

“The biggest mistake people make during Holi is not following the Pre Holi regime. There’s not much scope left once the damage is done,” informs Dr. Kajal Mehta, Dermatologist at SSG hospital, Vadodara.

First things first – Sunscreen

OK, so you must have been advised this a zillion times, but there’s a reason for that. A sunscreen is a non-negotiable. “Opt for a light formula sunscreen if you dont like the greasy feel on your face but make sure its greater than 30 SPF,” suggests Dr. Mehta. Apply sunscreen on face and the exposed body parts 30 minutes before stepping out and reapply it after every 3 hours to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays.

Ciceroni recommends: Try sunscreen sprays from The Body shop or Forest Essentials which are easy to carry and quite handy for retouches.

More is Less – Cover up is the word.

Be mindful while choosing your outfit for your Holi parties and try to cover up as much as possible to minimize the damage from harsh chemicals and extreme sun exposure. While we know how cool a tank top and a pair of hot shorts would look, we recommend a full sleeves turtle neck or a floor length maxi dress.

Ciceroni Tip: Tie a bandana or scarf over the head to embrace a hip boho look while saving your lustrous locks from the colour and sun damage.

Hydrate and Moisturize 

Drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated to combat the heat and humidity. Indulge in a major moisturizing routine to prevent the colour from getting absorbed on the skin and hair. Oil your hair the previous night and apply body butter, coconut oil or moisturizer on full body before stepping out of the house.

“Rub some vaseline on delicate areas like back of the ears, lips and nails in order to protect them from the harsh chemicals,” recommends Dr. Ghosha, Cosmetologist at Skinlab by Dr. Jamuna Pai, Baroda.

Ciceroni Tip: Use lip balm with SPF like Kiehls butterstick lip treatment with SPF 25 or Maybelline baby lips tinted lip balm with SPF 20 to protect your lips from the sun damage.

Take a Pill and Chill

If your skin type is sensitive, try taking an anti allergy pill the previous night to avoid any kind of allergic reactions and rashes.

“Take a non- sedative anti-allergic tablet like cetrizine the previous night to prevent any serious or scary allergic reactions from the harsh chemicals present in the colour,” prescribes Dr.Ghosha.

Post Holi Skincare

Use Mild Cleansers 

Contrary to the general belief, go easy and gentle with the cleaning process. Use a mild and nourishing face wash gently rub off the colours with frequent washes. Opt for a nourishing or hydrating shower gel to wash off the colours from body. Use a mild shampoo and deep nourishing conditioner or hair pack to restore hair’s luster.

Expert’s Tip: “Avoid using products that contain salicylic or hyaluronic acid as that might further damage your skin,” warns Dr. Mehta.

Do Not Scrub or Exfoliate 

Some colours are too stubborn and seldom leave a residue on your skin resulting into tinted faces and ombre coloured patches over the skin. However, scrubbing or exfoliating the skin is a complete No-No and should never be attempted post the trauma that skin goes through during Holi. “Avoid scrubbing, toning or any type of skin peeling for the next 5 days,” suggests Dr.Mehta.

Expert’s Tip: Apply a mix of sea salt, glycerin and aroma oil and leave it over for a while to remove the stubborn colour stains from the face,” recommends Dr. Ghosha.

Nourishing cold creams and heavy moisturizing 

Restore the skin’s natural PH balance with nourishing cold creams, body butters, essential oils and hydrating moisturizers. This is a must. “Moisturizing your face and body after the cleansing process is the most important step. No matter, what your skin type is, one must moisturize it after such a traumatic exposure. Try a non comedogenic moisturizer if you have oily skin,” recommends Dr. Mehta.

Ciceroni Tip: Apply cooling face masks like aloevera, honey, cucumber and green tea to soothe out your skin.

Do you have any more tried and tested remedies or Naani la nuska you swear by? 

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