Does she have same hours through the day ?

Does she have everyone around supporting her ?

Did she have a fairy tale life while creating her path of success ?

These are but some of the questions that create curiosity in the minds of many; the ones who are at the beginning of their journey and the ones who are jaded by the life that happened to them. Dialogues such as “ Oh, but she is born lucky ” or “She is blessed with supportive in-laws” or “ Oh, but she is single and hence can do all this” sound rather dismissive to those women who have given years of dedication, perseverance and struggled to reach where they are in their careers today. 

Boho Homes ideated Stellar Women in Design Ahmedabad 2020 as it felicitated seven women from different walks of life ahead of International Women’s Day to celebrate the achievements of these powerful women. Under the able guidance of Dr.Geetika Saluja, an educator and entrepreneur, Stellar Women in Design by Boho Homes aimed at bringing forth the trials and tribulations that goes in making a woman successful. Parul Zaveri – Architect and Founder Abhikram, Komal Matharoo – Architect Matharoo Asssociates, Shilpa Das- Professor in Interdisciplinary Design Studies at NID, Nayana Soparkar – Artist, curator and art gallery owner, Purvi Doshi – Sustainable Fashion designer and Hina Gautam – Celebrity Chef were felicitated at the event which was followed by a panel discussion led by Nirav Shah, Interior and Architectural designer and Life mentor. The choice of a male moderator seemed rather interesting as it needs a view through sensitive lens to understand women’s world and her struggles.

Nayana Soparkar, Purvi Doshi, Hina Gautam, Shilpa Das, Parul Zaveri and Komal Matharoo at Stellar Women in Design Ahmedabad 2020 by Boho Homes

“ We keep comparing our journeys with the norms set by the society” remarked Nirav as he led the discussion with the first question of what struggles and biases did these remarkable women face while paving their path of success. The number of hours being the same and not really sure whether everyone had support system and resources which the world more often than not attributes success to, he started the discussions by allowing people to reminisce in their past and share their stories. 

Dr.Geetika Saluja setting tone for the event along with Nirav Shah – Panel moderator

Nayana Soparkar described her journey from being a microbiologist to being an artist and curator as a constant work in progress. Determined, Dedicated and Devoted – these three adjectives were her guiding principles through her career. She felt if she had to enter the world of art she had to be well read about what is happening in art. She decided to keep herself updated while practising art making sure that she was always ahead of the curve. On the other hand Purvi Doshi took back everyone to the days when she started her business with Rs.35, struggled her way with design and clients and reached a point where she now has two studios in Ahmedabad and a thriving business in sustainable fashion. She talked about how she never took monetary support from any individual and made her career while balancing her family life through the process. 

Nayana Soparkar – Artist, Art curator and Art Gallery Owner
Purvi Doshi, Sustainable Fashion Designer

Celebrity Chef Hina Gautam spoke about how it is extremely important to give confidence to your children and make them better humans so that they can make correct choices going forward. She adds “ I still work for 17 hours a day including taking care of my work, social commitments, family and doing something for myself too. If I have to read a book or watch a series, I will do that after the family has slept because I want to give time to myself also”. 

Hina Gautam – Celebrity Chef

Shilpa Das highlighted the struggled in the initial stage of her career where she worked almost 15 hours a day immediately after pregnancy to keep the finances going right. She says “ Struggle is an indispensable part of life. Someone who hasn’t seen it doesn’t value what they get in life”. 

Shilpa Das- Professor in Interdisciplinary Design Studies at NID

Parul Zaveri spoke about the lack of willingness of male clients to look at her and address the issue, a gesture which most women would have faced in working life where men do not want to see women as solution providers. 

Parul Zaveri -Architect and Founder Abhikram

Interesting anecdotal stories were shared through these seven powerful women who had a common connecting thread of never giving up and working with consistency towards the goal. Sure they had their moments of guilt in balancing work and life but one wonders when will that guilt become equal for men too. Alongside the event, Finnati by Mansi Patel, TheWardrobeStory by Anita Mehta, House of Atiya by Aniasha, Kaira and Vibrant Sky by Bansi Sanghvi, Treasure silver jewellery by Preeti Shah, Hatheli by Sadhna Shah and Mavi by Madhavi Pandey held a display at the venue highlighting the entrepreneurial capabilities of today’s women. 

Here is the photo story of the event to celebrate the women power on International Women’s Day 2020.

Dr. Geetika Saluja at the inaugural ceremony
Dr.Geeetika Saluja, Mr.Bhushan Saluja and Nirav Shah

Boho Homes and Ciceroni are rooting for all the women out there who are trying to make their mark with their small steps, everyday.

Happy International Women’s Day 2020.

October 26, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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