That day of the year is here, when we are pondering over what to gift to the one who gives us the best, always. A day of mush and tenderness for mamma is right around the corner and whatsapp sibling groups are already buzzing with gifting ideas. More often than not, as adults we always think about buying her clothes, jewellery, perfumes and gadgets for Mother’s Day whereas little kids think of cutesy-hand-drawn mother’s day greeting cards and breakfast in bed made with help of dads. We might even rummage the cupboards for old photographs of mom we relive our childhood in this week. It’s these memories you make in the mundane that matters as you grow. Time is undoubtably the best gift that you can give to her, but what if time wasn’t the luxury you could afford ?

To help you ease your gifting woes, Ciceroni has compiled a list of thoughtful, experiential and classy gifts just for you. Be sure to earn extra brownie points with these gifting ideas.

1. Drive away with Vahn

Vahn, a home away from home, is an extremely interesting project by Moksha Gandhi for being on the road yet feeling at home. Vahn, an Indian RV experience, is all about curing the pandemic-induced cabin fever that we’ve been suffering from for the past two years. It is the finest selection for a family staycation and an appropriate present for your mother this year, with a kitchenette, bathroom, and comfy king-sized mattresses, as well as other travel amenities.

Sing along her favourite Bollywood numbers and make her a morning breakfast as you park your VAHN with a view that will bring a big smile on her face.

2. Polaroid Camera

Credit Image: Polaroid/Instagram

 A Polaroid camera isn’t a gift to enjoy just for one day, it’s a tool to capture meaningful moments to keep forever. Unlike a photo we take with our cell phones, which gets lost in the shuffle of data we encounter every day, a polaroid is supposed to last forever. It allows you to freeze time at any point and reminisce about it for the time to come.

How about crazy pictures for the years to come ? A polaroid wall to remember and talk about in every other family event then.

3. Raat Rani Saree by Deeta

For all of you who want to stay safe and listen to her thank yous, this all-time classic Raat Rani Black sari crafted in organza silk and silk cotton might be the Mother’s Day present you’ve been looking for all this while. Featuring a floral zari hand embroidery, the border of the sari is ornamented with golden gotta lace. The sari is light and comfy, making it ideal for weddings and other private events and gatherings.

Timeless style for the one who inculcated good taste in you.

4. Koi Neckpiece by DE’ANMA

Does she love collecting jewellery of all kinds ? If you are nodding yes, then this is a stellar addition to her keepsakes.

Just as a Koi fish adds beautiful value to its surroundings, the DE’ANMA Koi charm neckpiece will add daintiness to her style. This neckpiece, handcrafted from brass and plated in gold and silver, is perfect to be worn as everyday essential to work or to an evening party alike.

In all possibility, it might be passed on to you later.

5. Ivory Nasim Jama & Sapphire Odhani by Nirjara

Add the delicate fineness of Ivory Nasim Jama to your mom’s classic wardobe for this mother’s day. She will love the elegance infused style as she walks in an evening soiree or a morning brunch in this ensemble. Featuring a sleeveless fitted upper bodice with a flared bottom paired with shameez, a long tunic worn over a choli, this silhouette jama speaks of the fluid organic femininity, making it a perfect festive staple. Add the Sapphire Bel Odhani, handcrafted in organza silk and detailed with aari and tikki kaam.

Refined style much ?

6. Art Session

Credit Image: Giovanni Doganiero/EyeEm/Getty Images

Indulge her in her long lost hobby or still better, introduce her to the mindfulness of painting and art sessions. Be it watercolour painting or free style art, be it splashing paint like Jackson Pollock or be it attempting body art, be it hopping on trending fluid art sessions or attending natural dyes workshop, you can introduce her to a gamut of art sessions that will make her be in the moment for sure.

Besides, you get to keep those artworks as memories, right ?

7. Black where be dragons clutch by Memeraki

And if art is her medicine, we say infuse it with her love for bags too. This Thangka painted wooden clutch by Memeraki is an ideal gift for the moms who love to explore arts and textiles in India. Thangka paintings are closely connected to Buddhism and his teachings. These fiery dragons in Ladakh, hand-painted by artist Krishna, are a symbol of power that speaks of benevolence.

A clutch that she will treasure as keepsake.

Go ahead, make her day with Ciceroni’s Mother’s Day Gifting Guide.