When we think of mother, we think of warm hugs, lap-sleeps, comforting home cooked food, banter on why didn’t you eat your tiffin or what time are you reaching home or why did you leave your towel on bed ; isn’t it ? We all have these little rituals with our moms that become special over a period of time. Initial anger over the banter vanishes when later we realise that those little arguments are out of love, to check up on us and know that we are well fed and well taken care of.
Moms play multiple roles – she becomes a protector sometimes while assumes the role of a strict disciplinarian at others and as we grow up, turns out that she becomes our best friend. It goes without saying that being a mom is the toughest of all jobs – she strikes a balance everyday between being a doting and loving mother and being a stickler for discipline, ethics and ideals.
No, we do not advocate Mother’s Day to be celebrated as one special day, but we do say that why not make every day special for your mother by doing something special for her. It could be anything small – take time out of your schedule to have morning chai with her and ask her about her day ahead, take her out for her grocery shopping, give her a Sunday oil champi, make her favourite dish yourself, get her medicines for her on time and so on…
For the ones who still haven’t got on the emotional side of it, we say earn brownie points by making her Mothers Day special this Sunday.
We, at Ciceroni, have put together an ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to help you find that perfect present for her. Go ahead, read up and get going.
A fellow’s gotta do what a fellow has to do, isn’t it ?

1. Dinnerware

This is your Brahmastra. No mom has ever said no for a new dinner set or a new bonechina set. They keep searching for that perfect cutlery set whenever there is a party or a get together at home. Get her an elegant dinner set or personalized crockery that is meant only for her; like a tea cup with quotes or her star sign. For the ones who love fine crockery, opt for homeware from Noritake, Versace etc. Think about storage jars too.. Cmon, you know their obsession with dabbas and jars !

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2. Plants

If gardening is her hobby and she loves nature, there is nothing better than giving her the ‘green gift’. Surprise your mom by bringing home beautiful flowers plants that will let her take her mind off her busy schedule . Let her sip a leisurely cup of tea amidst the greens on a swing. Bonsai are in and how ! Get a bonsai plant, maple tree or get so-in-trend succulents. If you can’t think of much, go get her money-plant. They can grow both indoor and outdoor and transform the look of the area completely.

Stores: My Bageecha, Divine Tree, local nurseries around your home

3. Books and Movies

Have you seen your mom spending her free time reading? Is she fond of reading cook-books, fiction or non-fiction? If you know the answer, then you are sorted. There is no better gift than the gift of books. Browse the list of 100 classic reads on internet or read latest recommendations on Goodreads. Pick up her favourite authors books. If she loves movies, then do take her out for the latest releases – Raazi, Avangers, 101 Not Out. But if she isn’t the one who goes to theatres, then bring the CD’s home. It’s a Sunday guys.. Put on the movie of her choice, grab a tub of popcorn and laugh away.

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4. Saregama Caravan

We know of no such folks who do not like music, right ? How about gifting her 5000 old songs all packed in one retro styled radio? Let her travel back in time and remember her youthful days while she hums along her favourite songs by Kishore, Mukesh, Rafi and Lataji. Get her a sleek radio by Saregama Caravan this Mothers day.

Store – Crosswords and Online website

5. Tea

Tea gifts are perfect for every mom, unless she drinks only coffee. We all love our chai-time, don’t we ? We might have evolved from drinking desi Indian masala chai
to sipping Earl Grey and Green Matcha, but essentially the love for tea remains. You can gift your mother variety of teas that she can try from various tea labels.

Stores: Tea Lab, Techa , Kettlery

6. Perfume

Which is that one perfume your mother always wears? A pleasing fragrance from her favourite brand will win her heart. The elegant bottle will be the most looked-after asset on your mother’s dressing table and it will remind her of you, every time she puts it on. Gift her perfume from the seasons latest collection or go with the classics.

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7. Watch

Make this Mother’s Day more precious by gifting time to your mother, literally and figuratively. Present your mother with a classy vintage watch that will take her back in time and bring back her old memories. How many of your remember your first watch? We all do it , right…

Stores: Golden Time, World of Titan, Just in Time

8. Silver Jewellery

Silver lovers tribe is growing by leaps and bounds in last few years. Earlier only yellow metal was appreciated as a valuable piece of jewellery. In recent times, silver has claimed that coveted spot too. Jewellery can be the perfect gift when you get it right. It is personal, everlasting and a great way to mark a special occasion as Mother’s Day. A unique piece of intricately designed silver jewellery can be an indispensable piece in your mother’s wardrobe. Buy her jhumkas, long statement neckpiece or nosepin. You could get customised hair pins and hair bun accessories too.

Stores: ETA jewels, Missori, Eshyl

9. Real Jewellery

If you have too many amends to make and your bank is loaded, go right ahead for real jewellery in gold and diamond. From delicate bracelets to traditional jhumkas,
rings and necklaces, pick up the piece of jewellery that suits her style and shower your love for your mother by gifting her jewellery in traditional and classic designs that will remain as a timeless treasure in her jewellery wardrobe.

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There are many other ways besides these gifts, but surely you don’t want to wish her empty handed right !

Get Set Go !

October 07, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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