While Indian consumers are moving towards shop local mindset since the time pandemic set in 2020, there has been a surge in fabric stores to cater to the demands by shoppers who would like to design their ensembles themselves. Tapping in the trends, Indore based Kashi – The Fabric Store, a premium outlet for a variety of fabrics and textiles, recently launched its first stand-alone store in Ahmedabad. Be it authentic craft-based textiles like Ajrakh, Bandhani, Jamdani, Banarasi, Kota Doriya or chanderi or be it on-trend fabrics like satin, organza or velvet, Kashi – The Fabric Store is a haven for all who love to create magic with their own imagination. After all, the zeitgeist of the recent times is to create your own styles from scratch and flaunt your individuality rather than caving in to mass produced garments. Located on the bustling streets of C.G.Road, the store has been created with grandeur to reflect the true taste of the fabrics available.



It’s the time to go back to your trusted masterjee with the choicest fabrics and let your creativity shine. Think of bandhani co-ord sets, organza brunch dresses, jamdani jumpsuit, kota doriya kaftan or even better, banarasi jackets, khadi lehengas, embroidered bralettes and opulent evening gowns. Ranging across geographies and craft clusters, fabric fineness and thread counts, the store is ready to wow you with its tastefully selected collections.

Established in 1998 by Mr. Anil Pahuja, Kashi – The Fabric Store has its reigns in the fabric industry for the last 30 years. At the launch of their first store in Ahmedabad recently with Vishal and Mehul Patel (Co-Partners), Vishesh Pahuja, the gen next in the family, talked about the brand and its governing ethos as he shared, “Kashi is a thoughtfully curated collective of textiles that respects and promotes crafts and craftsmen. We began our journey with the sole passion of serving the customers in need for authentic Indian textiles way back in 1998. With 30 years of on-ground market understanding and insights of consumers, we can fairly say that our expertise lies in the attention to detail and how flawlessly we blend craft and design together.” Woven and handmade by the crafts clusters from across India, Kashi -The Fabric Store houses an exquisite range of Indian artforms and fabrics. From the iconic Vanaspati handblock prints and Ajrakhs to the dainty silk organza and khadi muslin; from the millennial metallic and abstract print linen to the regal chanderi, Kashi has it all.
It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by the arts and crafts of India when living in the country especially when there are rich textiles, colourful artwork, intricate embroideries and complicated weaves at nearly every corner. In the times when crafts and handlooms have gained momentum, one wonders how to even identify the fabrics. Most of consumers do not have the knowledge of textiles. Here is where the authenticity matters. Millennial and gen Z buyers invest in brands that deliver what has been promised. Hence if one wants to buy authentic craft-based textiles, it becomes essential to find out the original from the cheap faux fabrics that have raided the markets.

Here is a quick and easy cheat sheet to get you started on the basics of Indian fabrics. It’s all you need to identify the most commonly used Indian embroideries, their origins and their unique characteristics.


From the 19th century map shawl of Kashmir to Varanasi brocades and regal carpets from the Mughal era, the story of textiles in India is one of the oldest in the world. The earliest surviving Indian cotton threads date back to around 4000 BC and dyed fabrics from the region are documented as far back as 2500 BC. Indian textiles were synonymous to its identity globally, so much so that in ancient Greece and Babylon, the very name ‘India’ was shorthand for ‘cotton’. Grandeur was reflected by magnificent fabrics and religious worship found its expression through textiles; remember the famous Mata Ni Pachedi and Patan Patola? Global trade systems were formed on the export of Indian fabrics. The handloom and Craft industry continue to shape Indian economy even today.

The launch of ‘Make in India’ campaign in 2014 brought in a sense of pride amongst Indians as it was a ‘make’ or ‘break’ moment for the Indian economy. Not only did the initiative instil a sense of pride in buying what’s made in India, but it also brought with it a storm of revival of the forgotten Indian crafts and textiles. Make in India, here refers to the expertise of our Indian craftsmen, their attention to minute detailing and an uncompromising quality that gives life to the timeless creations called the “Indian textiles”. Coupled with Vocal for Local movement and rise in sustainability dialogue in fashion fraternity, there has been a promising future for the crafts and textiles of modern India.


When you buy fabrics from the local store like Kashi-The Fabric Store and support a craft cluster, you are not only empowering craft-based employment, but also reducing the carbon footprints generated by machine-made fast fashion garments. You are one step closer in living a sustainable lifestyle.

Apart from conscious choices, what you also get is the freedom to create your own unique style and stand out in an occasion. Be it for festivities, weddings or even to play dress up with your everyday wardrobe, if your vision of making your own clothes is stronger than anything you have seen on racks, you need to buy fabrics and create it yourself.

KASHI -THE FABRIC STORE is your answer to both sustainable life choices and indulging in creativity. Get busy with your measuring tapes and pinned mood boards to have a wardrobe that speaks of your undying love for Indian crafts, weaves and textiles!

Kashi-The Fabric Store

Address – Shop No. 3, Shoppers Plaza IV, Next to Ritu Kumar, CG Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Phone – 07948999244