From Billie Ellish to Jaden Smith and Ranveer Singh to Aayushmaan Khurana, many celebrities are blending, blurring and reimagining gender norms when it comes to fashion. This decade has given the global fashion community much-needed confidence to wear their style on their sleeve regardless of the trends and binaries. 

This month of love, at Trendspotting with Ciceroni, we have picked the best of gender-fluid fashion that celebrates individuality. 

Gender fluid style is characterized by the choice to not conform to gender norms assigned at birth. Its purpose is to redefine what is considered feminine and masculine. Gender fluid is also about comfort, it doesn’t include restrictive silhouettes.

India’s fashion runway has been seeing a plethora of stand-alone designers working solely for gender-fluid fashion. Labels such as Anaam, NorBlackNorWhite, HUEMN and Bobo Calcutta are pushing boundaries and changing the normcore silhouettes, cuts, and colours characterized by gender.

Historically, India has seen gender-fluid fashion in the form of Kediyu tops of Rajasthan, feminine and flowy Angarkhas brought by Mughals and easy-breezy dhotis worn by men across the country. However, gender-fluid fashion at the runway has increased the sensitivity towards the experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. For them non-binary fashion is not a style but an identity. 

Gender Fluid Fashion is the new streetwear and definitely comes with a lot of cool creds. Scroll through Ciceroni’s top picks of fluid ensembles that are comfortable yet chic. 

  • Tie-Dye Jacket by NORBLACKNORWHITE

This hand-painted worker jacket is the ideal pick-me-up for after-work occasions and parties. Hand-painted by artisans of Delhi, the jacket can be styled with a denim skirt, or a pair of blue jeans, irrespective of the gender. 

  • Black Cuff Sleeve Shirt by Bodements

Retro is back and how. Black cuff sleeve shirt with floral print is the ideal brunch wear shirt, thanks to its multi-colour print, it is easier to pair. Whenever you want to dress up but do not want to put in efforts, grab this shirt!

  • Denim Shirt by Bhaane

This boxy oversized shirt is the perfect amalgamation between streetwear and fluid fashion. Whether you wear it over a dress with an extravagant belt or pair it with denim and head-turning sneakers (hello, vegnonveg!) it’s going to look fly!

  • Half and Half Kurta by Anaam x Raag Sutra

You can opt for fluid fashion even at a festive occasion. Check out this half and half Kurta stitched beautifully to create a draped pattern. Lime Green with Blue Bandhej are two powerful colours to adorn. Keep the accessorizing at the minimal to pull this look off!

  • Floral Co-Ord Set by Zara

 Who says floral has to follow gender. Check out this floral print co-ord set in an oyster white colour. The shirt has an asymmetric hemline and the pants have a belt detailing just above the hip. Go for bold makeup and statement shoes to embrace maximalism.

  • Bomber Jacket by Gundi

This bomber jacket has a luxurious satin feel to it. Not only is it gender fluid but it’s also sustainable. The Gundi logo embroidered with cut-dana and aari work adds glam to the whole look. Pair it with leather skirt or go for a long dress, this jacket will surely steal the look!

  • Brocade T-shirt by Bobo Calcutta

If you love the tee-shirt and denim look with a hint of drama, then do check out the brocade t-shirt by Bobo Calcutta. It has a one-eyed poppy patchwork right in the middle and the whole t-shirt has a vibrant look. We suggest styling it with black trousers and keeping everything to a minimal to let the t-shirt do the talking!

  • Layered Kurta by Antar – Agni

One of the best part of dressing in fluid fashion is the level of comfort. This dress from Antar Agni with a distinctive silhouette calls out to all the lovers of understated elegant clothing. The colour  combination of ivory and muted grey makes this dress a perfect daywear outfit. Style it with brogues or boots to amp up the look with fleek. 

  • Multipurpose Saree by Purushu Arie

The saree is the most recognizable totem of Indian women wear, but a lot of men have adorned the saree and looked stunning. Reminding you, men always wore drapes in India before the colonization. Check out Purushu Arie’s saree that doubles up as a cape. It gives you freedom to conjure looks and add versatility to the wardrobe. We certainly love it in the classic colour of black and white!

  • Muscle Printed Leather Pants by HUEMN

Let people look at you twice in this hand painted muscle patchwork pants by HUEMN. Style it w ith a crisp white shirt or play it cool with a black tee, these pants are going to be the talk of the town. 

Creating fashion that knows no gender bounds is not easy. Not only are you contending with a hundred years of gender coding that dictates what is “appropriate” or “correct” or ‘attractive” for men and women to wear, you’re also dealing with bodies that can be shaped quite differently.

From being niche brands to now part of a lot of fashion forward’s wardrobe, fluid fashion is gaining momentum day by day. If it’s missing from your closet, check out these outfits and the labels!