When it comes to fashion, some classics will always be in style and florals top the list of classics. A shirt or a silk stole with floral prints is perfect to amplify the good day vibes. Every modern woman’s travel wardrobe consists of floral dresses; reminiscent of the onset of spring and the hope of a memorable summer.

Florals are flirtatious, dreamy and magical, all at the same time!

Spring is here and the temperatures are soaring but for once, we are extremely hopeful of a warm summer that will help us get through the pandemic we are currently in. While we stay at home, eat healthy, work on ourselves and dream of everything we will be doing when we finally step out, this is the ideal time to check out all those lookbooks and styles that we came across but couldn’t check out earlier. With spring-summer and resortwear collections for 2020 rolling out, there are so many fresh styles to be checked out.

Ciceroni picks the best of fresh floral styles in 2020 for the prospect of a beautiful summer and dreams of boisterous brunches.

1. Clairo Wrap Skirt and Top set from Summer Somewhere:

Meghna Goyal’s label brings to life the beauty of summery prints and colours with its mesmerizing collection. The Clairo wrap skirt and top set is effortlessly chic and will infect you with a serious case of wanderlust. No don’t go out yet.

Made from light weight crepe, it’s feather weight makes for a morning to evening look. The skirt can also be paired with a basic white t-shirt and sneakers for a packed day of culture-hopping or exploration.

2. Buttercup Tier Dress from BunaStudio

While we all wish to make the most of summer by pursuing hobbies like gardening, painting or venturing out to meet loved ones, the heat is a worry for all women and it often leads them to opt for comfort over style. BunaStudio’s summer collection captures the need of the season and their outfits, made from handwoven fabrics, ensure that style and comfort go hand in hand. The Buttercup Tier dress from Buna is made from Jamdani fabric with attractive lace edges on the sleeves and the collar. The playful floral prints around the neck and the relaxed fit make the dress one that you would quickly slip on for a Sunday brunch outing or a play followed by a meal with your squad.

3. Hand- marbled silk shirt from Bodice

Rarely do we don silk during summers but Bodice’s silk shirt is absolutely irresistible. Made using 100% silk, the shirt features a unique, classy hand-marbled print. The denim collars and cuffs give a sharp, edgy look to the shirt, thus making this one ideal for a summer sundowner or a working weekend.

4. Oceans of Love Hanky Dress from Kaveri

We all want to secretly channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw from time to time and the Oceans of Love Hanky Dress from Kaveri is going to help you do that while you also grab a lot of eyeballs along the way.

The asymmetric powder blue dress is made from linen and organza with gorgeous prints, sexy cuts and attractive pom pom detailing around the neckline. If you are planning on heading for a summer bachelorette trip, this is one piece you must pack.

5. Vintage Garden Sundress from Vrisa

With the onset of summer, it’s time to tuck those jeans inside your closet and embrace the maxi dresses. The Vintage Garden Sundress from Vrisa is colourful, elegant yet extremely comfortable. The rich floral prints along with the refined zardosi work make this outfit ideal for all occasions, from a day at work to a dinner party. Pair the dress with a pair of jhumkas for summer festive vibes.

6. Teal Co-ord set from Mero

2020 will see a contemporary twist on classic styles. The Teal Co-ord set from Mero is a part of the SS ‘20 collection ‘Powder Room’; your best friend for hi-tea and kitty parties. Teal is truly the colour of the season loved by millennials and boomers alike. With the regal floral prints and powerful puffed sleeves, this outfit will have your Instagram feed going viral. Pair it with pencil heels and a pair of big hoops to go retro.

7. Smoked Blue Floral saree from ISRAA

Classic prints with contemporary colours is a combination you cannot beat. ISRAA’s latest collection, ‘Efflorescence’ is all about mixing florals with pastel shades in playful silhouettes. The smoked blue saree from the collection is absolutely breathtaking. Ideal for fashion-forward women who want to add a twist to their summer festive look, this is a must-have this season. Loose hair or an understated bun, style it your way.

8. Salmon Cape Dress from Mero

Salmon has always been summer favourite – it’s as chic and playful both. The salmon dress from Mero with the jacquard cape and the exaggerated puff sleeves is an outfit that is classy and experimental both. If you wish to channel your inner Nora Efron or Audrey Hepburn, this outfit promises a new-age take on a vintage classic.

As we keep ourselves occupied indoors and hope for a healthier and happier 2020, let us take this time to update ourselves with the latest styles. With floral outfits as exquisite and majestic as these, our hopes are surely soaring. Bookmark this post and check out all the floral goodness as you enjoy spring from the comfort of your home. Stay home and stay stylish!