“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”


― John Steinbeck

Winter– the season of warmth is here, it’s strange how some people think that winters are brutal and ferociously cold making it absolutely undelightful because of your limited possibilities to wear dresses. But then just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun getting dressed as you did during the former seasons! In fact, as much as we love our sundress, we also adore the idea of wearing endless layering possibilities that come with the chills of winter winds.

Team Ciceroni thinks that your true sense of fashion is to embrace fashion in a classy and elegant way considering the geography you live in.

Scroll through to find our list of essentials this season.

1) Coats

“Coat not always means what Barney from how I met your mother says – SUIT UP.”

Fashion for us is optimism. Fashion for us is dressing according to the season or occasion. Who doesn’t love wearing a summer dress throughout the 365 days, but if you want to rescue from the chilly winds, it is important to wear a coat along with it, it will not only make it look classy, but it will also make you feel warm.

Opting for an overcoat (could be a jacket or wrap coat) along with your favourite t-shirt and distressed jeans would be a wise choice this season.

You can also opt for a turtle neck top to wear underneath your sundress and layer it with a coat look as smashing as you would have looked in any other warmer months.

You can also pair up a long dress along with a coat or a shrug to get a bohemian style.

2) Boots

Good shoes take you to good places; one of the best examples of this is the story of Cinderella. All she asked was for a good dress along with a pair of slippers to go with the dress.

As it is winter and you probably want to look hot in spite of all the possible layering that you do. Our team believes that wearing boots can increase your style quotient and so it is of utmost importance to have this essential in your wardrobe. There are approximately six forms of Boots, namely – Hip boot, knee high boot, Thigh high boot, Wedge boot, Chap boots and Moccasins. But choosing from these forms would solely depend on the geographic condition you live in. But our personal favourite is Knee high boot because it increases the chicness quotient.

Try pairing with short skirts, or skinny jeans along with oversized top along with your boots to get the wintry look now.

3) Cardigan

Cardigan always gives you an extra edge, making you look extremely cute. We all have Awwww (d) at the scene where Landon Carter gave a baby pink cardigan to Jamie Sullivan in the movie ‘A walk to remember’.

A cardigan is an evergreen outfit. It has never lost its charm. In fact Celebrities have been spotted wearing a cardigan in their own unique style like Amal Clooney makes sure to leave the top button open; Kendall Jenner’s statement is wearing matching pants with her cardigan.

This winter will opt for colourful cardigans. Usually, people opt for the most available colours like maroon, grey, white. This time, try getting mustard or a chrome yellow colour cardigan. You can also look out for colours that are suggested to be the colours of 2017 given to us by Pantone colours.

An ankle-length cardigan goes well with distressed rolled up jeans. If you want to go for a bad girl gone stylish look, opt for a single tone well-fitted cardigan paired with sneakers. Long and fitted cardigans tend to add volume to your lower body so stick to some well-fitted pants for a slimmer silhouette.

4) Capes/ Ponchos

Gone are the times when capes were worn by only superheroes who could fly!

Capes have existed for a long time now. In fact, we all have stories where some character wears the cape combining them with a hood. One of the famous examples of this story is the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

When it comes to adapt style and still carry it with elegance and confidence our Bollywood stars are the best. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ileana D’Cruz, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor are spotted wearing Poncho in traditional style. They were found wearing this style of fashion not only on western outfits, but they have been creating a new style by wearing them on Indian traditional outfits like saree too.

You can wear capes with almost everything provided it is not a faux paw. Our take is to wear a formal dress (suit/western formal) along with a cape and boots to get a classy look.

In case you are fond of wearing stylish a saree for occasions then you could go for a poncho along with this bundle of elegance to get a sophisticated look.

You can also opt for a floor-length gown pairing it with a long or short poncho on top to get a glam look.

5) Scarf

There are days where you wouldn’t feel like dressing up at all, all you could to do then is wear your favourite polo t-shirts along with the most comfortable jeans and a scarf.

It is believed that the right scarf can work wonders with your overall look. Scarfs can not only enhance your style, but it can also help in keeping you warm. A Crochet Scarf along with top, skinny jeans and boots or a skinny top along with a long skirt and a scarf is a steal this winter.

Scarves are winter’s most beloved (and useful) accessories, as it helps to not only to update your wardrobe but also help in some scarf styling tricks.

You can pair up a turtle neck top, along with a pair of pants and a scarf along it to have a classy look.

6) Beanie Caps

It all started with the skull capes!

History says that Skull caps or Beanie hats were used as working apparel for blue collared jobs including welders, mechanics, and other tradesmen who expected to hold their hair back, yet for whom a brim would be an obstruction. It is only in the 1950’s that beanies got popularity.

You can wear jeans along with a top (short/long), beanie and a long shrug to give yourself a happening look.

So what style are you going to opt for is it going to be a cool, chic or an elegant look this season?

If you have more items in your list of essentials, comment down so that we get to learn from your style too.