It’s not just about clothes when you think of a stylish fashionista…

It’s also about the way she accessorizes – be it her statement neckpiece or her dainty feather earrings, be it her tribal nose pin or be it her suave hand-bag. Every piece of accessory plays an important role in creating a picture-perfect look. Neckpiece, ear-rings, nose-pin, bangles, bracelet, head band, scarves, belts, hand-bags etc form of what one calls as fashion accessories. If we talk about Ahmedabad, each girl would have gone to Lady Grace, Sia and My-My in their teens to buy the dose of fashion accessories. Over the years, these stores have evolved, some have vanished while new international retailers have entered the market.

At Ciceroni, we have curated a list of stores that bring you the best of fashion accessories in the Ahmedabad. Do make a check-list before you go out for shopping fashion accessories locally…

1. Aldo Accessories

Aldo Accessories is the ultimate destination for high street fashion accessories. High on global fashion, Aldo accessories is the go-to place for most fashionistas who refuse to venture out scouting through multiple local stores. Looking for a tan hat and a pair of shades that you can carry to your next beach holiday? Your search is over.

Introduced to India in 2005, Aldo has all the must-haves of fashion accessories for both men and women that are high on trend-meter. Crystal stone neckpieces, crystal earrings with tassels, sunnies in tinted glasses, heels and shoes in seasons’ hottest shades, gold buckled belts, striped wallets, hats and handbags – they have it all. Want to gift a girlfriend ? Just buy a voucher and let her have her pick.



 2.  Accessorize

Accessorize, UK based accessory label, is all things pretty and girly. Think of pearly neckpieces, dainty gold hairpins, butterfly themed pendants, pink-rimmed sunnies, bohemian totes and colorful slip-on when you think of Accessorize. If you are someone who likes slogan bags or bling in accessories, you might end up shopping bagful. Accessorize is your go-to place for cutesy hair accessories like the hair-ties, scrunches and printed headbands, their unique products. The store gives you happy vibes with its colorfully arranged merchandise.



   3. Forever21

Forever 21 is a one-stop destination for youth to find fashion accessories in decent budget. It is one of the largest and most competitive fast fashion retail brands in the world that is finally available in Ahmedabad. So, yes you do not need to order online. Go to the store, try on and buy. Their collection in hoops, dangler earrings, chokers, layered neckpieces, makeup pouches, beauty accessories, ring trays, scarves,  beanies, handbags, printed socks, stockings, bath accessories, sunnies is definitely every young fashionistas dream. Holographic and unicorn prints have been trending in Forever21 accessories. Try Forever21 if you are looking for affordable high street accessories .



4. Lovisha

Most of you would have travelled to Bangkok and revelled in the shopping experiences there. Well, Lovisha brings Bangkok to you here, in our own Ahmedabad. Since its sourced from one of the largest exporters in fashion, the accessories stocked will be high on trend. If you want to be fashion forward, head to Lovisha. Be it handbags, Sunglasses, shoes, mobile accessories, scarves or the fashion accessories, Lovisha has it all – and in variety of colours. It even has  stock for men’s fashion too.. Trendy belts or cool sneakers? You have it at Lovisha.



5. Fabindia

Fabindia is the go-to store for those fashion divas who love Indian aesthetics, silver jhumkas and tribal jewellery. Be it colorful lacquered bangles or classic woodwork bangles, be it silver and gold plated jhumkas or dhokra jewellery, be it meenakari neckpiece or beaded strings, Fabindia is an ideal representation of mini India and its craft forms. So when in doubt, go to Fabindia for the Indian touch.



6. Aditi Bhatt

Are you someone who loves to add bright, colourful and quirky accessories? Aditi Bhatt is a high-end designer label that emanates happy vibes. Her designs are created by enameling on gold plated brass to create urbane and modern designs. One can find earrings, neckpieces, rings and bracelets with elephant and lotus charms in her collection. Her each piece reflects traditional India through modern aesthetics. She has displayed her collection at famous luxury shopping stores all over India. Luxury seekers, head over to Aditi Bhatt’s store for buying that conversation-starter piece.


7. Story of India

With the increase in purchasing parity, more and more designer stores are opening in Ahmedabad. One of them is Story of India, pegging on evolving aesthetics of fashionistas.  Designer Labels like Grey tone, Kassa and Dhora are displayed at this store. It is a must-visit store if you like exclusive pieces in affordable luxury segment.  Grey tone is a label that creates contemporary concrete jewellery. Sounds different right? Kassa is an eco-friendly label with graphical contemporary designs while Dhora takes you on modern twist in jewellery with their minimalistic style. Story of India keeps adding different designers every month. So if you want exclusive accessories, head to Story of India.




While we have tried covering global, local and designer stores for you, there are definitely more such stores that you can find in Ahmedabad. Scour through lanes of C.G Road, Satellite and Ratanpole to know what we are saying. For the Navratri and/or nomadic vibes, head to Law Garden to buy from a melange of Kutchi embroidered hand-bags, neckpieces, bracelets and anklets. If you are the ones who love shopping it all from one place, then do check  Westside, Lifestyle and Shoppers Stop too.

If you like the list, do share it it and help the ones in need. If you have more store names for us to add, do share in the comment box, we will be happy to update the list.