Wedding season akins to meticulous planning – be it venue, décor, trousseau shopping, return favours or make-up bookings. Everything has to be well researched and booked for a picture perfect wedding. Modern day brides are very clear in what looks do they want for every function of theirs; Pinterest and Instagram have been huge saviours for these ladies. 

We do understand the importance of a good makeup artist for such a momentous occasion. It is reassuring to a bride if she looks as natural to herself as possible on the wedding day rather than decking up with what make-up artist may want to experiment under the name of trends. More often than not, you would have heard a make-up artist wanting to apply bright shades and do complicated hair-dos on an otherwise demure and simple bride. It only ends up making the bride feel under-confident and rather overwhelmed for the day.

To avoid these mishaps and to plan it to the T, Ciceroni has put together a compendium of the best bridal makeup artists in Ahmedabad.

While last year saw nude, natural and pastel make-up trending thanks to the celebrity weddings; will this trend continue this year?

Read on as we present the list and views of the finest make-up artists in the city.

  • Aanal Savaliya – Orange the Salon

Creative director of the celebrated salon ‘Orange- The Salon’, AanalSavaliya is almost a pioneer for creating a shift in the way bridal hair and makeup is perceived in the city. She started her journey with make-up in a small set up as a helping hand to her mother at the age of 15 years. Aanal loves doing fashion make-up as creating new looks is her forte. Her work is regularly featured in the best bridal magazines like Wed-me-good and Shaadi saga.

‘2019 will be a year of darker kohl eyes paired with subtle lips as far as bridal makeup is concerned’, she says.

Book an appointment with her 6 months in advance of your wedding date to avoid disappointments in dates. Price Range: Rs 9,500 onwards

Aanal Savaliya

  •   Aanall Christian- La Femme

 ‘La Femme’ has gained the reputation as an inimitable institution in the city. Started almost 50 years ago by Satish Christian, La Femme garnered the trust of celebrities, socialites and aspiring beauty enthusiasts alike.

Having done a diploma in skin therapy, Aanall worked as a professional skin therapist at La Femme initially. Delighted with her work Aanall’s clients insisted their makeup also to be done by her. Being well versed with the beauty industry, it only seemed prudent to Aanall to learn make-up professionally and team up with her father.

Personally she loves a subtle, minimal and nude make up. However the ‘clients demands’ always rule at her salon.

‘2019 is in for a blend of minimalistic as well as pop coloured makeup’, she says.

Their salon is packed with appointments almost a year prior to the wedding and the price ranges from Rs 10,500 depending on the stylist you wish to get ready with.

Aanall Christian

  • Heena Somani– Image Consultant and Fashion Blogger.

An image consultant by profession, Heena Somani is a name to reckon with in the fashion blogging scenario in the city. Along with fashion and styling videos, her Youtube channel and Instagram account are filled with make-up tutorial videos on the trendiest looks.

Heena started her journey in makeup when she was 17. She learned makeup while assisting a make-up artist working for a magazine at Singapore in her earlier days. Back in India after having mastered her skill through a lot of self-practice she started teaching makeup. She loves creating a dewy look for her bride as she works her magic to create ‘the statement look’.

2019 is the year for minimalistic makeup according to her. ‘Today’s bride is aware of what suits her best’, she says pointing out the fact that the millennial bride wants a look that lets her personality shine through rather than aping anyone else.

She takes appointments based on her schedule.

Price Range: Rs 12,000 onwards.

Heena Somani

  • Ulupi Parikh – Founder Ulupi’s Salon & Spa

‘A bride should love seeing her wedding pictures even after decades’, says makeup artist Ulupi Parikh as she lays emphasis on the fact that wedding pictures will be cherished for generations to come. Being fascinated with colours since childhood, Ulupi was firm to make a career in the beauty world. She is a licensed cosmetologist from USA.

Subtle and classy is what Ulupi’s bride looks like. She focuses on adding just enough that makes your skin shine through while highlighting your best features keeping your natural beauty intact.

She starts booking a year in advance and her bridal package ranges from Rs 23,000 onwards.

Ulupi Parikh

  • Niyati Shah – Expressions by Niyati

Niyati Shah is a renowned hair and makeup artist in Ahmedabad. She is all for enhancing the natural features of her bride rather than masking them with layers of make-up. She is known for her flawless professional make-up techniques using the right products in the right places to cover the flaws and highlight the beautiful features.

An artist since a young age, Niyati was always captivated by colours and beauty. Make-up had always been her area of interest since childhood. Thus it was only natural that she chose to hone her skills and pursue her dream of working as a professional makeup artist. 

As for the trend of 2019, she feels the make-up with shimmer eyes is here to stay.

Bridal makeup ranges from Rs 15,000 onwards.

Niyati Shah

  • Bhumi Rajgor – LEEZA The Family Salon

“Be the best version of you” is a concept Bhumi Rajgor believes in. This justifies her make- up techniques that bring out the best of your personality by highlighting the beautiful features. She was drawn towards makeup since a very young age as she observed her mother who was into this business since a very long time at their family owned salon – Leeza.

While last year saw thick eyelashes and dramatic eyes, she feels, 2019 is the year for a luminous makeup look wherein the skin glows from within.

She starts booking 8 months prior to the wedding and her price ranges from Rs 12,000 onwards.

Bhumi Rajgor

  • Tanvi Godiawala Shah – Final Touch Salon

‘2019 will be a year for natural makeup look with prominent eyes’, says Tanvi Godiawala Shah, who wants her brides to look their natural best self by keeping the makeup to the minimal. Her journey in the makeup industry took off as a hobby when she was 20 years old. She is an internationally accredited hair stylist and cosmetologist.

She customises the makeup techniques to suit different face shapes with some sporting glamorous eyes while some sporting a statement lip colour.

6 months prior to the wedding is a good time to book an appointment with her.

The bridal package ranges from Rs 15,000 onwards.

Tanvi Godiawala Shah

  • Richa Dave – Jasmine Beauty Care

Richa Dave followed her mother – Urvashi Dave’s footsteps as she learned makeup from her and did full bridal makeup at the tender age of 12. Senior Dave went in beauty business about three decades ago to cater to the monthly beauty routine of women in the city. It was but natural for the curious daughter to follow her mother’s routine.

Richa’s work has also been featured in the very famous ‘Limca Book of records’ for her skill of doing blindfolded makeup. The cut-crease technique is her signature style.

‘2019 is the year of minimalistic makeup. Smokey eyes paired with nude lips is on the top list as brides bid adieu to bold colours this year’, she adds.

They start booking a year in advance and the bridal makeup package ranges from Rs 15,000 onwards.

Urvashi Dave and Richa Dave

  • Simran Tekchandani SPOTLIGHT Makeup Studio and Hair Academy

Owner of the salon, ‘SPOTLIGHT Make up Studio and Hair Academy’, Simran Tekchandani is yet another fabulous makeup artist in the city. ‘It was her fantasy to be in the beauty and makeup world and would love doing hairstyles and braids as a kid’, a memory her mother vividly remembers.

Simran followed her passion and decided to pursue a career by doing what she does best. Personally she loves doing nude makeup; however she likes to customise it as per her client’s needs since makeup depends upon various factors like lighting, colour of the outfit etc.

She feels this year the brides are ready to sport on smokey and shimmery eyes paired with nude lips.

She starts booking an appointment 6 months before the wedding and the bridal package begins from Rs 22,000 depending on the kind of look you wish to get.

Simran Tekchandani

  • Noopur Chokshi – Amaya Salon

While the nude and natural makeup is here to stay, 2019 will also witness a comeback of red glossy lips and bolder looks, says Noopur Chokshi, owner of Amaya Salon.

Graduated in commerce, Noopur was never keen on joining salon. However with enough persuasion from her mother who owned Amaya Salon, she tried her hands at make-up. Soon she realised that it gave her creative freedom; a must for her kind of personality.

She feels highlighting the eyes and eyebrows are of prime importance for getting a structured look this year.

One should book an appointment with her 6-9 months in advance of the wedding.

Price Range: Rs 15,000 onwards.

Noopur Chokshi

  • Priyanka Thakkar – Priyanka Makeup and Hair.

Graduated with an MBA in HR, Priyanka worked with Radio Mirchi. However, as this decade’s famous saying goes – ‘Follow your passion’, Priyanka too took a jump from her regular 9 -5 job for an artistic endeavour. She has been exploring the domain since last three years as she realised make-up gave her joy.

She believes in the concept of ‘Less is more’ when it comes to make-up. Priyanka uses it skilfully to accentuate the beauty and hide your flaws without creating extra cakey look. If subtle is what you are looking for, you can place your bet on her.

Minimalistic makeup is what the millennial bride is looking for in this coming year, she says.

Price Range: Rs 10,000 onwards.

Priyanka Thakkar

  • Head masters Salon

Based out of Chandigarh, India’s top rated salon, Head masters is all set to mark a special place in the beauty industry at Ahmedabad. ‘Customer is the King’, is a concept they strongly advocate. They like to customise the makeup as per the client’s choice, face shape etc.

They have a hierarchy of 3 levels of makeup artists. The ones belonging to the L-1 level have an experience of 13-15 years, L-2 level have an experience of 5-8 years and L-3 level have an experience of 3-5 years respectively.

New in the market, they are giving free wedding trials until 5th March.

The bridal makeup range varies with different brands of makeup being used in sync with the global makeup techniques.

They use makeup of top notch brands like Mac and Bobbi Brown.

Price Range: Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. 

Keep this list handy as you search around the city for Ahmedabad’s best makeup artist for your big day. Share your experience with us.