Unpredictable weather conditions led to two Cornell students, Matt Barker and Austin Astorga to create an app that helps users choose clothes based on the weather. The app is called Brella. According to Pi Datametrics, a search analytics platform, the future of weather-based fashion will lead to the creation of fashion houses that will only cater to seasonal clothing. Interesting times ahead for Business of Fashion indeed. 


Weather consideration when making a fashion choice goes back to the 5th millennium BC in the Indus Valley civilization. During this period, cotton was hand spun and worn as a drape by men and women alike. Cotton was a preferred fabric because the climate is hot, dry, and humid. 

One cannot always keep updating their wardrobes regardless of Brella and trend forecasts.  

For beating the odds of weather, there are some staples recommended by Style Gurus that will always be the part of true blue fashionistas ‘capsule wardrobe. 

Ciceroni shortlists 6 MUST have fashion items that will see you across the seasons and can serve as a mini-capsule for those wanting to practice minimalism. 

  1. DENIMS 

Originally designed for cowboys and miners, jeans became popular in the 1950s among teenagers who were breaking away from a stricter code of dressing. Originally an esoteric fashion choice, by 2010 jeans became normcore globally. 

Apart from being functional, comfortable, and practical, jeans can be worn anytime and in any season. Denims are unchallenging to pair with. If you are running an errand, it can be teamed up with casual t-shirts, if you are heading to a dinner it can be worn with dressier tops and if you are attending a formal meeting, you can wear it with a formal blouse and jacket. 

While there are over twenty types of jeans including Skinny, Cigarette, Wide-Leg, High-Rise, Relaxed, Boyfriend, Low-Rise, Flared Jeans and the fairly new addition Jeggings, a pair of Straight Cut jeans should be part of everyone’s wardrobe. 

Ciceroni Recommends – A pair of Levis’ engineered jeans, it has an ergonomic 3D construction which provides comfortable silhouette. You can also try Korra’s innovative Selvedge and Organic jeans that seldom needs a wash.


The real leap forward in the world of power dressing came when the first woman blazer was introduced and created by Coco Chanel as part of her fur-trimmed coat and ankle-length skirt.

Suits designed by Chanel. (Photo by Paul Schutzer//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

A structured or a well-cut Blazer elevates the look of any ensemble. When the need arises to add a touch of formality to your dressing, you can pair the outfit with a blazer. Another way Blazers can be part of the wardrobe is by pairing it with cocktail dresses. 

Blazers are the next big fashion movement which is on the cusp of breaking out in full form. Think of Deepika Padukone in Cannes or Sonam Kapoor in Aisha, both made blazer dressing an iconic style, be it rock-star vibes or Chanel-esque haute couture-ish vibes. The blazer can be part of your airport look, making it instantly business casual. 

Ciceroni Recommends – Check out SUTRA Studio, their blazer and jacket collection is like a breath of fresh air. Vivid colours, distinctive style and made to order, they are one of a kind pieces in the world. 

H&M’s always updated with trendsetting blazers and dinner jackets to top your casual look.


While the word “sundress” was first used in the early 1940s, they came into vogue in the 1950s. New York socialite and fashionista Lilly Pulitzer opened a juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida. When she kept staining her clothes with fruit juice, she asked her dressmaker to make a dress that would hide fruit juice stains. Soon, her brightly colored, sleeveless dresses were popular. Once her school friend and First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore one of her dresses, they became the epitome of classy fashion.

Owning an LBD is no longer essential. Sundress can replace your classic LBD and bring in timeless retro vibe with apt styling. The ability of the sundress to be AM to PM dressing makes it indispensable. 

Whether in a warm floral pattern or a bold stripe, a sundress is a one-piece solution to every sartorial woe. 

Ciceroni Recommends-  Head to www.eshakti.com for a customized sundress, once you find a dress you like, Eshakti provides customers a chance to customize their dresses in terms of hemlines, sleeves, necklines and fit.

Debenhams also has a varied collection of frocks and dresses for every occasion. If you are looking for a budget friendly options, Debenhams should be checked out.


White T-Shirts were used as an undergarment below the uniforms in the Spanish – American War back in 1898. Short-sleeved and crew neck made them invisible yet crucial. T-shirts have fuss-free fitting, can be easily cleaned and is inexpensive; for these reasons it didn’t take long for them to be popular and be part of everyone’s wardrobe. 

For days when you are not sure about the weather, or not sure what to wear, you can fall back on a white plain t-shirt easily. Pair it with skirts, jeans, culottes, shorts or dungarees it can create a well-put-together look. Saree enthusiasts are pairing traditional block printed sarees with plain white T-shirt and replacing the blouse instead. 

What matters however is the thickness and softness of fabric besides its durability and fit that will make it stand out. 

Ciceroni Recommends  – Calvin Klein’s pocket monogrammed white t-shirt with a slightly aged appearance due to it’s rich colour. This t-shirt will be a perfect addition to the wardrobe. The soft cotton provides an effortless and breathable comfort.

Also check out Aeropostale’s classic crew neck white t-shirt, an item of clothing you’ll rely on seasons after seasons, they also have buy one get one offers on it.


In the era where fashion forwards are pairing Sarees with Sneakers, having one in your closet would be a prudent choice. 2019 has seen more Sneakers than any on the runway eventually taking place in every fashionista’s closet. The hype-market formulas of sneakers have made them a must-own product and the increase in collaborations like Nike and Ambush to Rick Owen’s bondage-inspired low tops have made them a MUST BUY. 

According to TechSci Research, the global annual growth rate of the worldwide sneaker market is more than 7% reaching $888 billion. Rhea Kapoor’s famous Instagram picture of Lehenga with Sneakers resonated with girls everywhere who are tired of wearing stilettos and killing their feet. Today Sneakers are not worn for the sole purpose of comfort, it is an added style element.

If you are a sneakhead, Veg and Non Veg must be your go to sneaker destination, not only it is India’s very first multi brand sneaker store, it also has limited edition sneakers that are hard to purchase otherwise. 

The website also have some markdown options for selected shoes.

Make sure you also check Nike and their collaborative shoes with / Stranger Things / Badulu / John Elliott

Each pair of shoes under Nike’s collarboative collection is exclusive and a keepsake.


Spotted on railroad and ranch workers 140 years ago, Denim Jackets are now part of everyone’s wardrobe. It continues to serve as functional and low maintenance outerwear. Benefits are that they last for the long and don’t wrinkle. 

It creates a business casual look when paired with a basic t-shirt. Teaming it with a pair of denim jeans is the trendiest look that one can recreate from the yesteryears whereas styling them with a pair of chinos or straight-cut black jeans can make the denim jacket stand out.

A business casual look can also be created by wearing the jean jacket with a crisp shirt and a tie.

Whether it’s Hailey Bieber or Gigi Hadid’s recreation of 70’s denim on denim look or closer home actor Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt or Anushka Sharma championing the trend, denim is in and how.

Bohemian lovers will love the trending patchwork denim jacket that can be styled with long maxi dresses or added over a sundress. 

Ciceroni Recommends – Check out Patch over Patch for vintage and upcycled jackets.  

Head to Mango and Forever 21 for ready to wear contemporary jackets.