“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.”
– Van Morrison

Right from discovering lush meadows, penning thoughts at lakeside to trekking ahead to majestic peaks or clicking selfies with your besties, summers are more than just cool glares, breezy beach gowns, quirky flip flops, and sunscreen.

When we think of SUMMER, we think of BEACH, don’t we ?

India’s luxury travel market is growing at CAGR 12.8 %; higher than any other BRIC nation. With highly personalized itineraries, amenities and individually curated experiences, India’s booming middle class presents great potential for luxury travel investment over the coming decade. According to the Global Market for Swimwear and Beachwear report, the swimwear and beachwear industry is projected to reach approximately US$ 24.3 billion by 2024, driven by the growing affinity for active and healthy lifestyle activities like swimming and a strong preference for beachside vacations.

Just the reason why luxury fashion brands like House of Masaba, The Beach Company, Flirtatious, Shivan and Narresh, Kai Resort Wear, La Perla own bigger chunks in the luxury swimwear market.

So while you get ready to admire the sea in all its glory or are heading for an all-girls trip to Goa or Maldives for scuba diving or are just escaping into the world of peace and retreat at a luxurious spa, do not miss out on the season’s new SLINKY SWIMWEAR!

But before we show you what’s in store for this season, here is a brief history of the evolution of the bathing suit from 1800 to the present day.

  • 1800’s
1800’s – Buttoned up neck, tea-length hems, and ruffled bloomers described the bathing gowns keeping true to the Victorian ideals of that time.
  • Since its introduction in 1896, swimming has become one of the most popular events at the Olympic Games. Before Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky stormed the pool in sleek swimwear, generations of swimmers donned bizarre body suits while racing for their countries’ glory. In 1956, Speedo introduced nylon into its suits, giving swimmers extra traction in the water. 2000 was the introduction of Speedo’s biomimetic Fastskin suit that resembled shark skin.
  • 1900’s
1900’s- Crafted with heavy flannel and wool fabrics, with the end of the Victorian era, the bathing gowns were cut down by few inches to create a smaller silhouette.
  • 1920’s
1920’s – Called the Flapper Era, shorter haircuts and knee-length hemlines became a major trend.
  • 1940’s
1940’s – Noodle strapped apparels and swimwear flooded the fashion business.
  • 1950’s
1950’s – Emergence of bikinis. Pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot made the trend of high-waist swimsuits and halter neck bikini tops popular.
  • 1990’s
1990’s – Sharp cuts, emphasized cleavage, pop colors and prints became the major trend with shows like Murphy Brown, Sex and the City and Living Single that became an ode to the independent women.

Today, with the body positivity movement, women of all ages and all sizes have embraced swimsuits regardless of who’s looking. Designers like Masaba, Olga Vilshenko, Carly Brown, Shivan and Narresh are among those designers who are bringing body positivity to swimwear.

House of Masaba launched its swimwear line recently. In conversation with Ciceroni, designer Masaba Gupta gives tips on choosing swimwear according to body shapes “While people with broad shoulders and big hips can opt for a V-neck cut-out swimsuit, girls with a petite body type can try a strapless swimsuit, and if you don’t wish to show your tummy, you can opt for high waisted bikinis or high-neck swimsuits. All said and done, I feel it’s important to pick anything that you feel comfortable in because that’s what matters the most.”

“2019 is all about the color, fresh cuts, and extra detailing. Florals are a go-to also as it’s a classic pattern personifying spring and new beginnings” added the designer on the key swimwear trends for 2019.

From feminine ruffles to cute bow details and animal prints – Dive into Ciceroni’s list of India’s top 10 swimwear trends to take on your summer getaway.


Most swimwear labels today rely on fabrics like nylon-lycra blends and polyester. Shop from sustainable labels like Summer House, Vitamin A and Ookioh that invest in recycled nylon fibres (from fishing nets, plastic bottles and other waste) Go eco-conscious while choosing your swimsuits.


Candy coloured ensembles are ruling the swimwear trend chart this year. Soft, light colors are unusual from the popular bright colors seen in summer but they are on trend. This year, ditch your neon color palette in favour of something more subtle, minimalist and modern.


Stripes are known to be among the top 10 fashion trends for 2019. The 80’s fashion somehow manages to transcend itself from season to season, changing its colours and designs. Add vibrance to your swimwear with pop colored stripes as you head out for your dream beach holiday.


Let the sun’s rays create a shiny and mirrored effect. Our favorite swimwear designers have evoked some fresh air into this shiny fabric.


Design is in detail. Feminine frills are the go-to trend this summer. Invest in a bikini top with a sweet balance of minimum ruffle detailing that can double up as a chic crop top.


Break the monotony of tying the swimsuits at the back. From delicate bows to strappy wrap styles and tied-up waist, this year’s latest trend is all about knots and ties.


From the Instagram feeds of our favorite celebrities to the latest collections of our favorite swimwear brands showcased at fashion weeks, high – cut bottoms of the 80’s and 90’s are making a huge come back this year. Go bold and beautiful with this ultra- flattering trend.


Nothing speaks of spring more than flowers. Floral prints are up the ante in 2019’s fashion trend charts. Drop the solid swimming frock for the ones with floral prints to restock your swimsuit collection instead.


This popular high-street fashion trend is rolling into the swimwear space. From zebra to leopard print, cheetah-spots and snakeskin, bring out your wild side with these exotic prints.


Heard of swimwear with long sleeves? Yes, the classic long sleeves are back in trend. Sheer, solid, patterned, sparkling and more options have made their way into the latest spring/ summer collection of our favourite swimwear brands. Thick arms, fear not ! Long sleeves to your rescue this summer.

Now that we have given you a major break down of the top swimwear trends to follow this year, head out shopping and buy out that favorite swimsuit you have been lusting for!  

October 21, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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