“It’s the design process that matters the most; what influenced it, what was the cross pollination during its genesis and what transpired it’s collaborative creation”

Rahul Jhaveri, Founder – Studio Renn from Mumbai and Tanvi Karia – Founder Raw Collaborative individually believe in the same philosophy. Beyond the presumptive, Studio Renn is in Ahmedabad to take you on the “The Fringe” with its experimental and experiential display and sale of jewellery while it prods you to find the emotional connect through inter-disciplinary narrative. Presented in Ahmedabad by Raw Collaborative, this immersive experience of jewellery art juxtaposed with performance art and music is happening in the city for the very first time. 

Studio Renn

Think of Burmese sapphires shaded as diamonds for the artistic ring wherein gemstones are set upside down to create a different kind of texture and lustre. Think of Bleeding Tooth Ring as an heirloom; an art piece created with an idea that how can one make ugly look beautiful. Or maybe imagine the rubies encrusted in a ring, not seen but reflecting a luminous red shade through it. The jewels are collector’s delight, not just by a jewellery connoisseur but by an aesthete and artist alike.

“As a child, I always wanted to surround myself with creative people. I used to write and paint back then. At Studio Renn, we all have the need to create” shares the third generation diamantaire on what inspired him to get into jewellery designing. 

For “The Fringes” show being displayed at 079 stories from 7thNovember to 10thNovember, Rahul collaborated with renowned artist Prashant Salvi as he created the sketches for the current collection. Collaborating with artists who have never made jewellery adds the degree of difficulty higher for the jewellery makers to realise its form and beauty both. As one enters the exhibit space, you are led through the reflective quotes and sketches done by the artist to lead you through to the exhibit upstairs. 

Knowing that there are no boundaries to be followed, the show invites you to its art-meets-jewellery-meets-performance-theatre-meets-music world. Get mesmerised by the limited edition curation and creation of jewels like earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants made from 18-karat gold, diamonds, Zambian emeralds, South Sea pearls, and natural Burmese rubies. 

Inspired by Rushdie’s words “When you throw everything up in the air anything becomes possible”, Rahul started Studio Renn ( renn meaning rebirth) with a philosophy that nothing is ever created, it’s all just there. Rearranged and shuffled.

Ever thought of Atrophy as a concept? Not unless you were in a medical school. How about a piece of jewellery that is based on the idea of it where nothing is permanent and yet we attempt to make it permanent. Each piece of jewellery is created with an idea that fosters over conversations. Material agnostic, the experiential jewellery making process is always inter-disciplinary to invoke emotions among the buyer in a world that is full of brand coma. Each piece is created in a set of 3; the creator wants the buyer to ruminate about other two pieces sitting comfortably in different places to complete the story that started from nothing. 

Seated as the backdrop for jewellery, the miniature sculpture series is done by inhouse artist, Nilesh from Studio Renn giving a who-inspired-whom narrative to the show. Get blown over through Inception like glass structure where you can see yourself falling in the vortex or listen to the haunting composition specially commissioned for ‘The Fringe’ by Portland based Amulets, a solo project of an audio + visual artist Randall Taylor. Theatre artists, Citizens of Stage, take you through an intense dance performance based on their interpretation of what Fringe was.  Their dance collective takes you through each nook of the artistic installation while taking you on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from the fear of unknown to the comfort of the known.

Studio Renn in its infancy has already created a benchmark for the others to follow; not in copying the same but ideating from what inspires them and think beyond what’s visible.