“It’s the theatrical aspect of jewellery that fascinates me.”

-Coco Chanel

Transcended from being an “ornament” to becoming a “work of art”, the definitions and styles may vary in jewellery, but it’s always something we always look up to.

Emerged in the first years of the 20th century, art jewelry was a reaction to Victorian taste, and the heavy and ornate jewellery, often machine manufactured, that was popular in the nineteenth century. According to Elyse Zorn Karlin, “For most jewellers, art jewellery was a personal artistic quest as well as a search for a new national identity.”

Today we live in a world where fashion is slowly transforming into everything that’s original, handcrafted and safe for the environment. And that has given rise to what is called “artisanal jewellery”. The fashion magazines and shows may have given us fashion goals on jewellery trends and styling, it’s difficult to overlook a sudden shift towards making jewellery that has a meaning. Fashion houses and jewellery designers from across the world are breathing life into their products with designs inspired from literature, history, sculptures, tribes, paintings, music, nature, people or things.

Inspiration can be anywhere, right?

Gujarat, as a hub of textile and design, has seen the rise of some of the most creative jewellery brands and designers. The influence of educational institutes like NID, NIFT and CEPT along with deliberations in history from places like Calico Museum is apparent in the new-age designers who are pushing the boundary.

Bookmark this story as Ciceroni unveils 4 jewellery brands in Gujarat that are not only creative and innovative but also are eclectic.

Beadwork is a pillar of tribal design that was practiced for centuries. Founded by NIFT Gandhinagar alumnus Aarjavee Shah, the eponymous brand’s signature glass bead detailed textile jewellery makes it unconventional, detailed and chic. Talking about Aarjavee’s latest collection- Mogra, Aarjavee shares “Each piece is handcrafted with brass and textile with colourful glass beads sewn into it individually to give the products the essence of a flower.”

With festivities around the corner, pick the cascading floral dangler with glass beads to team up with your favorite festive kurta.

MUST BUY: Flower and Bud ring, Cascading Statement Floral Danglers

Founded by Dr. Rebecca Reubens, an alumna of NIFT, NID AND DELFT University of Technology – Netherlands, Baka Jewellery is a sustainable brand. It specializes in crafting precious and semi-precious gemstones embellished jewellery. Unusual and quirky in designs, the versatile and contemporary jewellery pieces by Baka will slither into your hearts and into your jewellery Pandora box with love.

Believing in the notions of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and “sustainability”, Baka’s latest collection “Avani- Faux Tiger Claws” is a tribute to tigress Avani who was shot dead in Maharashtra with no attempt to rehabilitate. The collection consists of pendants and earrings crafted with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

If your sartorial tastes are unconventional and out of the box, Baka’s collection is perfect for you.

MUST BUY: Tiger Claw Pendants


A brand from the House of APK Jewels (named after the founders – Ashmi Mody, Pinal Virani and Khusboo Jogani), Raw High is anything but usual. The brand’s aesthetics lies in crafting jewellery pieces with up-cycled materials and waste materials from industries other than jewellery.

A mishmash of edgy themes reminiscent of 80’s punk and softer bohemian styles of the 70’s, these statement making pieces will perfectly complement your workwear from 9 to 5 and afterwards. The brand’s latest jewellery collection has been designed to feature rare vintage watch gears. From rings and earrings to body chains and leather jewellery, the collection has no gender boundaries.

Go out and bold by pairing the vintage studs in silver with your all-black jumpsuit as you switch your style from work to after-work party.

MUST BUY: Body Chain and Studs

Founded by Parth Narania and Co-Founded by Prishilla Khudia, Narania is all about sticking to originality and craftsmanship with each of their products showcasing sculpting and textural qualities of ceramic material. Narania’s latest jewellery collection has its inspiration drawn from ancient Egyptian and Greek Cultures.

If ceramics and art are your one true love, pick the Egyptian shuttle necklace in tribal shade to don with your flowy beach gown. 

MUST BUY: Egyptian Shuttle Necklace, Ceramic Chain Necklace

You don’t need a fortune to shop jewellery; you just need to find that one piece that is creative enough to resonate with your personal style.