Love is in the air with fluidity that reigns the decade. The vanguards of philosophy are yet to pin the exact idea of love but till then we flow fluidly in the changing paradigms of the idea of love. Beyond others, it’s time to look inside and see what do we do to love ourselves more.

In the month of love, what better way to celebrate the idea of love than indulging in some self-pampering rituals.

Show some love to yourself and invest in self-indulgent skincare, haircare and beauty products. While there are countless beauty products in the market, India is riding on the organic wave. The new range of organic beauty companies use the choicest of ingredients to craft natural products which complement your skin, hair and body.

Ciceroni’s February Beauty Edit brings to light some of the best organic products to soothe your skin and rejuvenate your senses. Bookmark the latest products this season and know what suits you the best.

1. Soulflower Tea Tree Soap

Do you want an easy solution for acne and oily?

Are you stressed with lack of time for those tedious skincare routines?

Fear not. Soulflower’s latest offering, Tea Tree Soap, is ideal for all skin types. It is made from Pure Tea Tree Oil, Basil leaves, oils of Olive, Castor, Coconut and Palm with Vitamin E. If you’re someone who wants to incorporate quick yet efficient skincare essentials in your daily routine, this is the product you must invest in.

2. Skin Pantry Lemon Cheesecake Body Butter

Eat it or apply it? We all love eating lemon cheesecake but have you ever tried applying it on your body?

The lemon cheesecake body butter by Skin Pantry is rich and fluffy with the deliciousness of raw Mango Butter, Apricot oil and Aloe Vera to leave your skin quenched, plump and smooth. Suitable for all skin types, this is a product you must give your body to shower it with some love this month!

3. Skin Yoga Marigold Foot Soak

Multi-tasking super women need to take a pause, breathe in and let their feet rest after a juggler’s schedule through the day.

The skin yoga marigold foot soak might just turn out to the best friend for your tired feet. With the goodness of marigold and coconut, this soak helps in de-tanning and moisturizing your feet while repairing your cracked heels. Indulge in the foot soak after a long day at work.

4. Nyassa Oil for the Night Body Oil

Changing season brings with it an array of skin and hair issues. Cool winds rob off the skin of its natural moisture content leaving it dry and chapped. To ensure that your skin remains adequately nourished, try using Nyassa Oil for the Night Body Oil. It provides the natural goodness of shea butter and vitamin E, blended with almond and wheat germ oils for that soothing and calming feeling before you go to bed at night.

5. Just Herbs Kimsukadi Tail – Glow Boosting Facial Oil

If you need to prep for that trip with your SO ( Significant Other ) this month, Just Herbs’ Kimsukadi Tail Glow Boosting Facial Oil is the right product for you! This oil contains the goodness of 17 nourishing herbs such as sandalwood and Indian rose chestnut to brighten the dull skin and reduce pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. Pick this up to make sure you dazzle on your date night!

6. Khadi Natural Black Coffee Hair Cleanser

Hair fall, rough hair, frizzy hair – these are but just some of the woes of colder climate. The hair cuticle needs nourishment so that it appears shiny and glossy whereas the roots require fodder to stay strong. Khadi Natural’s Black Coffee Hair Cleanser is very useful in hair growth and hair strength. This helps combat the problem of hair loss and breakage in winter. It naturally nourishes the hair and provides essential minerals and vitamins to the scalp. Try it on this season.

7. Forest Essentials Jappapati Hair Masque

Just like the Korean face masks that raided world beauty market, Hair mask is a real thing. Mask it and glow it. To maintain the shine of your mane, Forest Essentials has just the right product for you. The Jappapati Hair Masque is a pre -shampoo masque which is prepared with intensive repair and natural agents including Banana pulp and fresh herb infusions of Methi, Brahmi and Nagarmotha. All those boss ladies looking to pamper themselves with hair therapy, look no further. Your hair saviour is here.

8. Pure Earth Qing Cleansing Oil

One of the most overlooked aspects of skincare is make-up removal and after-care. The Pure Earth Qing Cleansing Oil caters to this need. Combination of seventeen high performance botanical oils and powerful actives, this make-up removal oil is ideal for all skin types. Begin from here as you revamp your skin care routine in 2020.

Bookmark this post and invest smartly. This Valentine’s Day, shower some love on yourself and see the returns forever.

As Carrie Bradshaw rightly said, “The most long-lasting and rewarding relationship is the one you have with yourself.”