Most historians agree that the first luggage was developed during the battles in 1153 when warriors transported weapons and ammunition in wheeled containers through ships and horse carriages. But, the term ‘luggage’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1596 and defined it as ‘inconveniently heavy baggage’.

Luggage bags that were once the name of utility became a major fashion statement in 1858 when Louis Vuitton introduced the first steamer trunk for ship travel. Over a period of time with technological innovations, luggage bags today has evolved and are designed with all sorts of prints, belts, whistles and even USB charging pods.  

From trendy and simple, stylish and ladylike to extremely practical and equipped with lot of tech features, scroll through Ciceroni’s curated list to help you choose the right luggage bag as you whisk away this summer.

  • Duffles

Finding a duffle that is spacious, durable and stylish can be challenging. Some come with wheels or expand to twice their size, while others can be transformed into a backpack. Duffles work best for both an overnight stay and a week-long trip, depending on the kind of packer that you are. Toss your old luggage bulky bags in favor of stylish duffel bags that are more stylish than the ubiquitous black bags. If you’re looking for something simple, Adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Bag is minimalistic yet classy and if you are looking for something sophisticated and versatile, go for the classic leather duffel. From homegrown Indian brands like Burlap People and Nappa Dori to established trusted and durable brands like Wildcraft, Delsey Paris, Samsonite and Tommy Hilfiger, check out their latest collections.

  • Backpacks

In the early days ‘backpacks’ also known as ‘rucksacks’ were used mainly for hiking and camping. Over the years, backpacks have transformed from being a student backpack to being an ultimate travel companion. From camping and hiking to solo travelling, these backpacks will always have your back through thick and thin, literally. Check out brands like Burberry, Versace, Coach and Louis Vuitton for luxurious-chic backpacks. On the other hand, brands like Wildcraft, Delsey, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, American Tourister and F-Gear will give you affordable yet trendy options.  

  • Suitcase

Invented in 1858 by Louis Vuitton were the mini trunks that made air travels easy and viable. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Monogram canvas in 1996, Louis Vuitton invited select designers to create unique pieces of luggage.


A backpack with a built-in umbrella.Created by Sybilla in 1996
A pointed hiking bag with leather straps. Created by Romeo Gigli in 1996

Today, brands like Louis Vuitton, Globe Trotter, Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Nike and Puma have taken the suitcase to next level with quirky monograms and colorful prints that make the suitcase a fashion accessory.  If luxury travelling is high on your priority list, Prada’s Banana-print cabin trolley is the perfect one for you. If you are taking a trip abroad for your summer vacation, replace your old suitcase with the affordable and durable suitcases from top Indian brands like VIP, American Tourister, Safari and Skybags for your family and self.

  • Weekender

A weekender is an upgrade and a replacement for a backpack or an elegant substitute for wheeled travel luggage. Whether you are taking an impulsive road trip or going away on a much-needed beach holiday, the long weekend getaways call for a sturdy-yet-stylish bag that will hold all your essentials in place. That is why a spacious weekend bag is a must-have for any wardrobe. Head out to shop from brands like Wildcraft, Nike, Puma, Hermès, The House of Tara, Puma, Skybags, FGear, Adidas, Safari and Caprese as you plan your weekend travel.

Now that you are aware of the travel must haves, you might want to also know 2019’s luggage trends.

  • Smart Luggage

With technology innovations booming, it will not be surprising to see that luggage bags can now come with all sorts of gadgets. From LCD screens and built-in WiFi to power banks and USB chargers, the latest versions of luggage bags will have it all. Raden, G-RO, Bluesmart and Away are your go to brands for smart luggage shopping.

Away carry-on bags are equipped with USB-charging battery pack.
  • Metallic Colors and Quirky Prints

From shiny and glittery, this year metallic colors like gold and silver will up the trend charts. Also if you are someone who loves stylish and chic luggage bags you will be delighted to see that quirky monograms and floral prints are dominating the latest collections of your favorite luggage brands. Find Globe-Trotter’s Safari Leather Trimmed Trolley in pastel pink that is the favorite of the Royal British family or Tumi V3 International Expandable Carry-on with floral print suitcase that boasts of modern design and plenty of good features.

Globe-Trotter carry-on with floral print
American Tourister Metallic Disco 20″ Spinner
  • Oversized Wheels

Big wheels in scooters look okay but ride-on suitcases with oversized wheels are bizarre. Luggage wheels in 2019 will have either 4 oversized wheels or some might even sport 8 wheels. Love it or hate it; check out G-RO’s suitcases with large axle wheels to sport a statement airport look.

G-RO Carry-On Suitcase

Traveling in style is not only about flaunting the most fashionable outfit but also about carrying a trendy luggage bag that creates a fashion statement. Have you bought yours yet?

October 20, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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