Everything we know about the latest fashion trends comes straight from runway shows and fashion magazines. Conversely, currently what’s hip and new in style is often presented and dictated by social media influencers and today’s streetwear culture.

Unfortunately, 2021’s crop of new styles didn’t accomplish much to excite the general population. Despite the doom and gloom of the fashion business in 2020, 2021 delivered us great social media-driven digital trends and visually beautiful ensembles that were meant to free you from quarantine.

The cosmetics business boomed after the 2021 end of the coronavirus pandemic. As soon as we were done with the shots of vaccine, we took off our masks and gingerly resumed applying makeup, starting with tinted moisturisers and working our way up to more substantive products like mascara and brow gel.

Seeing how things have settled down to a reasonable level, Ciceroni’s trend forecast for the year suggests that people might be flocking to cosmetics with defined lips, statement eyeliners, vivid coloured blush, and embellishments as a sort of protest against the makeup-free lifestyle they led at home.

Bold coloured blush (Go bold, or go home)

Do something risky or risk failure. Whoever said visible blush means you were wearing ~too much~ was 100 percent wrong, as evidenced by 2022’s statement blush trend. The pioneers of the beauty industry anticipated that applying a generous amount of blush not just to the apples of the cheeks but also to the lower parts of the face would give the wearer a more youthful appearance.

It’s true; blush is more popular now than ever before. Intense pinks and peaches are in style right now to create a statement look. With this style, less is more in terms of the product on the brush, but you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Subtle, beautiful blush applications may be achieved by dabbing a little amount of product onto the tip of your brush and blending it in.

If you’re still nervous about going overboard with blush, use a powder version instead of a liquid one and blend it outwards in a C shape to avoid looking like a clown. Then, apply some liquid highlighter to your cheekbones and brow bones for a radiant last touch.

Embellishments (The return of bedazzling)

Bedazzling is returning as a tribute to the millennium, but this time it’s in our makeup rather than our denim. Jewels applied on the eyes, whether in the form of crystals or tiny pearls, will be in trend this year. It is possible to buy face jewels online and apply them with eyelash glue in whatever design you choose

Embellished everything! Indeed, that is the most prominent trend in beauty that we anticipate seeing after the Met Gala 2022. Clearly, this year’s theme, “Gilded Glamour,” was intended to celebrate over-the-top fashion statements. More is more, after all, when it comes to makeup. As if the night didn’t already have enough glitz, Naomi Campbell’s red-carpet outfit was topped off with a layer of embellishment. With artfully placed embellishments framing her eyes and forehead, the makeup trend just kept us gazing for more.

Statement eyes (Graphic eyeliners)

Eyes are windows to the soul. Indicative of one’s emotions, they might radiate happiness or anger. It stands to reason that makeup artists would want to draw attention to one of the most noticeable facial features—the eyes—by emphasising them with dramatic accents like thick eyeliner and long, thick lashes.

The popularity of graphic liners has recently experienced a considerable upswing. Graphic liner, in its simplest definition, is an eye makeup style that features a thicker line than would typically be seen. On the contrary, it’s more audacious and assertive as an aesthetic statement. One such example is the “floating crease,” which is widely recognised. Get creative and let the liner be magical.

Defined lips (Back to the 90’s lip liners)

Of course, a throwback to the ’90s wouldn’t be complete without some very vintage-inspired beauty looks. We’re big fans of the ’90s and ’00s, so we’re always on the lookout for retro-inspired pieces like chokers and crop tops. Lip trends from the ’90s are a keyway to harken back to that decade, among cute butterfly clips, baby blue eyeshadow, and French manicures.

No, we’re not referring to the Lip Smackers or Kissing Koolers balms you undoubtedly carried in your bag. We’re talking about the brown lipstick, incredibly glossy lips, and evident lip liner used by your favourite ’90s celebs like Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, and Cindy Crawford.

To pull off this look, use a lip liner that is two shades darker than your natural lip colour. Blend it in the middle of your lips for a contemporary take on the classic outline.

Easy makeup (Light & luminous bases)

The best cosmetics trend of the year is a natural, makeup-free appearance. “No makeup, makeup” look is what we are going for here.

Because it’s so easy to replicate at home, this look has gained widespread popularity. The goal is a dewy, barely-there finish. Makeup experts advise using a dewy, moisturising foundation or a light skin tint to get this effect. Use a foundation with medium to full coverage to conceal any imperfections.

Perfect for day and night functions both, office and party alike.

Makeup: The new painting?

It’s safe to say that significant makeup changes don’t come as often anymore as they used to. While novelty lip glosses and coloured mascaras are probably here to stay, you can give up on transformations like Katie Holmes eyes and chinstrap beards.

The internet has changed how we see the beauty and can truly revolutionise the way people present themselves. We are living in a time where makeup artistry, in many ways, is becoming a new form of art. Some even call it the new painting.

Future makeup styles will likely reflect societal, cultural, and technology changes. People from different walks of life are going to be using various kinds of products to suit their lifestyle needs.



October 31, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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