What is that one thing to wear, that comes to your mind when you want to travel or when you want to feel relaxed or for that matter you want to just go and catch up with your friend?


Well for us that one thing is Denim.

It’s absolutely delightful to find this particular type of clothing to be widely embraced by the world. We believe Denim is the timeless staple that is here to stay always. It’s the classic must-have for your wardrobe.

It has in fact become the foundation garment for the youth. Entire college life, one may keep changing tops, tee-shirts & blouses but one garment that remains as a constant companion is jeans. Black, dark blue, light blue, white – any colour but essentially jeans.

Here is a list of denim essentials that you could stock up on for the love of fabric…

1) Skinny fit jeans

The right fitting denim is the best investment for clothing, as the fact remains that it is a durable and has a timeless design that can be worn for years and years . There are many cuts in denims – classic, boyfriend jeans, straight cut, skinny fit and boot cut. The style fad will be keep changing cyclically; however a pair of classic fit, straight fit and skinny fit will never go out of style.

It is a versatile garment that can be worn with everything ranging from a tee shirt to give casual look, peasant tops to give a casual dressy look, silk blouse tops for glamorous look to bespoke jacket for power packed look.

2) Ripped Jeans

Stylish and trendy, ripped style has been adopted by youth very quickly. It personifies the rebellious feeling with its distressed cuts and devil-may-care style. Bollywood style icone like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have been spotted sporting this trend quite often.

Be it rock chic look or gothic glamour, ath-leisure feel or sporty vibe, distressed denim can lend you multiple looks. It is best paired with full sleeved tee-shirt ,peasant tops, hoodies and leather jacket.

3) Denim Dress

Why limit yourself only to denim pants?

Opt for denim dresses that are available in different silhouettes, the most famous being shirt dress. To catch up with the trends in the fashion world, you can opt for Off- shouldered dress.

Designers like Chanel, Dries Van Noten and Chloé presented their version of denim in the spring 2016 runway at the Paris Fashion week. Back home, Bhane is one brand to look out for the denim dresses.

4) Shirt

80’s was the time of Denims and grungy style. It was the time of FRIENDS show and Rachel Green flaunting her denims in high waisted style. Teamed it with knotted denim shirts, her fashion sense had taken the world by storm.

The denim shirt still remains a ubiquitous fashion staple across the globe. Team it with denims, palazzo, skirts or a saree to give your signature fashion twist to this classic piece. Denim shirt is something that everybody can pull it off so nicely.

5) Denim Skirt

If there was one thing which every growing up girl has worn, it has to be a denim skirt. Available in all lengths – micro mini, mini, knee length skirt to maxi skirts, denim skirts are for keeps.

It will never go out of fashion and is destined to stay as every woman’s favourite casual wear. One can team it with neutral white/ black/grey tee-shirt for easy vibes or pair it with bardot top for brunch wear. Team it with silk blouse and jacket for evening wear or add an embroidered corset for beach wear look.

6) Denim Shorts

Before you head to buy any other shorts in your wardrobe, do check out if you have denim shorts or not. If no, then your first purchase has to be denim shorts. Then you can add black, white, beige and olive colours to it.

Pair it with casual full sleeved tee-shirt or wear it with tank tops. To add some layering, you may add a cape or jacket to make the look more stylish. One may opt for shirts tucked in denim shorts for an elegant look too.

7) Denim on Denim

When in doubt, it’s the safest to opt for top to bottom denim on denim look. It’s trending high on the stylometer. Iconic pop stars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake reminds us of how stylish denim on denim looks!

You could opt for a denim shirt or a crop top or a cold shouldered top or a denim jacket and team it with basic denims for a classic Americana look.

8) Hippie-Eque

Bell bottom pants, big lapelled collars and shimmering sequins gowns marked the fashion trends of the 70’s. Those were the times of peace, equality and flower power .

Get your hands on bell bottom denims and team it Aztec print tops, peasant tops and suede jacket for the 70’s hippy vibes.

Are you ready for a denim indulgence now?

Check out for Bhane, Forever 21, Levis, Pepe Jeans, Calvin Klein, StalkbuyLove, Vero Moda, Zara and Mango for all your denim upgrades.