In a bid to address the issue of growing fashion and lifestyle consumerism and its negative impact on environment, Ciceroni recently hosted a “PRELOVED GARAGE SALE” – a unique ‘hands-me-down’ shopping haul for the very first time in Ahmedabad at Options Ahmedabad.

While the pre-loved sale is a very common phenomenon in the western world, in India, there is a notion of shame associated with buying second hand goods. Ciceroni, a hyperlocal fashion and lifestyle discovery web-portal, aims to bring a paradigm shift in the mindset of fashion conscious people by urging them to buy preloved rather than brand new and take one step towards sustainable practice in daily life. 

At the Ciceroni’s Preloved Garage Sale, more than 25+ contributors displayed 300+ garments including dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jumpsuits, jackets, handloom sarees and accessories in branded and designer category at Options Ahmedabad. To encourage preloved buying, all items were priced between Rs 200 to Rs 2000 only whereas luxury products and handloom sarees were priced between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000. 

Sustainable Fashion is the need of the hour. There needs to be checks and balances starting from production, supply and consumption cycle of Fashion and lifestyle products to ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability. Making of one cotton Tee-shirt requires 2700 litres of water (enough water for one person to drink for 900 days) and a pair of jeans requires 7600 litres of water. An average shopper today wears apparels only 7 times before discarding it to landfill. Only about 15% of discarded textiles are recycled, even in USA. 

“As a hyperlocal fashion and lifestyle review portal, we at Ciceroni, have registered more than 2500 exhibitions in the span of 3 years. It translates to average 2 -3 exhibitions happening in Ahmedabad per day across all categories from luxury to affordable. Fashion consumption is quite irrational. Purchase decisions are more likely to be driven by desires linked to pleasure and excitement. Fashion is a social activity for setting our status (the egoistical drivers) but it is also an activity that is driven by emotional desires such as the excitement and aspirations of living a better, more fulfilling life. The buying spree is at its peak owing to higher disposable income, affordable internet access and huge discounts on e-commerce portals. Observing the current scenario, we felt the need to initiate a movement that will urge people to buy, but mindfully. Preloved is basically hands-me-down clothing item that is in perfect condition for the other wearer. By hosting this first ever Preloved Garage Sale, we are trying to encourage the culture of buying from already existent resources and thus promote sustainable practices” shared Neha Sheth, Founder and CEO, Ciceroni on the need for the preloved garage sale in the city. 

Neha Sheth, Founder, and CEO, Ciceroni

As per KD Market Insights research, the global pre-owned luxury goods market is expected to witness robust growth over the next five years to reach an estimated value of USD 52 Million in 2024. Back home, the preloved market is at a nascent stage. There is a sense of shame associated with buying second hand among the burgeoning aspiring class in India, despite the culture of swapping clothes between the siblings and family members. 

“As a believer of minimalism, I support the Preloved Garage Sale initiative wholeheartedly. It’s just a way of extending your pool of sharing clothes beyond your siblings and family, addressing the desire to wear something new and yet refrain from creating a dent in environment. Options has been always supportive of such initiatives that spell radical change in behavior pattern and sustainability is one among them. We need such an inclusive fashion community to grow in our city and bring together people from different walks of life as change agents. It is heartening to witness that 20+ people known for their style and aesthetics have contributed to the Preloved Garage Sale. Ciceroni has initiated and facilitated the entire screening process to ensure that best of the styles and finds are put up for fashion conscious women to shop from.” added Janki Patel, Founder – Options Ahmedabad on her support for the rising preloved movement in Gujarat. 

Janki Patel, Founder – Options Ahmedabad

International and national brands are working towards greener practices and making their collection sustainable by less usage of natural resources, paying fair wages, upcycling waste and so on. However, there are other measures which can be taken to ensure that each individual participates in the sustainable movement by working at ‘Consumption stage’. 

Buy less, repair and re-use, upcycle, swap with friends and family, rent or buy pre-loved and vintage – these are 5 steps to inculcate mindful consumption. 

A staggering turn-out of 100 + visitors resulted in sale of more than 50% of displayed stock. The patrons of Preloved were not just the sustainability supporters but also the one’s who embraced it as an acceptable norm. The original clothes swapping group girls – Labdhi Shah, artist and art therapist, Kinjal Shah Desai, Communications coordinator at CEPT university, Jolly Shah, Former Emergency Specialist UNICEF, Antara Patel and Mamta Shah came out in full support to advocate and encourage “Preloved” buying and sharing.

Friends of Ciceroni – Meera Amabasana Shah, Co-founder Weekend Window, Aditi Shishoo – Founder AS Ideator, Pooja Mathur – Founder The Green Straw, Kabyashree Boroghain – Co-founder Project Otenga and Dipna Kirpalani – Owner, Dipashna came to promote the idea of buying preloved on the day of the event.

Blogger and Academician Juhi Bansal, Raw Collaborative Founder – Tanvi Karia, The W-Project Curators – Priyadarshini Rathore and Vishwa Bhatt Weir, Priti Shah – Founder Treasures by Priti, Aditi Rindani – Communications Consultant, Dr.Geetika Saluja, Co-founder Boho Homes, Krunal Parekh, Founder Events by Krunal Parekh, Anshu Chokshi, Founder Quirkduck and Ronak Parekh, Shaneel Parekh, Curator at Mangalbaug Gallery, Nirjari Shah- Founder Kistch by Nik, Dhyani Dave, Founder – Rituals, Lavina Ramchandani – Founder Jutte, Gauri Wagenaar – Art Historian & Academician, Shriya Damani, Entrepreneur and Past chair -YFLO, Nisha Vikram – Founder Craftcanvas, Amruta Desai – Artham Finometry, Anupriya Pande Marar, Rebecca Sudan – Image Consultant and many other sustainability believers came by to witness and be a part of this rising new movement in Ahmedabad.

“Let her old be your new” definitely struck a chord in Ahmedabad.