You are what you eat.

This profound statement became truer in the lockdown period when people faced the compulsion to eat home-cooked seasonal meals due to lack of choices and availability. It only gave impetus to an already growing wellness movement in India. People started recognising the benefits of holistic health, which basically started in kitchens. Organic, regional and seasonal food gained the status of being a necessity than just a mere fad. Mindfulness became the buzzword not just for mental health but also for food we ate. Farm fresh vegetables and grains, sustainable clothing and daily essentials are now goals to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

From artisanal chocolates and oils made from nature’s goodness to certified organic fruits and vegetables directly from farmers, Ciceroni pens down the top 8 brands in Ahmedabad that offer a curated range of fresh edibles just for you.


Founded in 2001, Asal is a concept store based out of Ahmedabad that retails a diverse range of items that include organic edibles, skin and hair care essentials, kitchenware and textiles. If you are a firm believer in the magic of Ayurveda, you will be delighted to know that all Asal organic food products are made with the Ayurvedic understanding of Kapha, Pitta and Vayu – the three Doshas or body elements that are balanced in order to maintain physical and thus spiritual wellbeing. Shop from their range of spices along with other organic edibles like grains and pulses that add flavour and aroma to food recipes, help create a healthy appetite and facilitate digestion.

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Looking for ways to restock your kitchen essentials? Head to this all-organic and natural product retail store in Ahmedabad– Think Organic. You will find everything from apple cider vinegar to all kinds of oils, baby foods to pastas, vegan and gluten free essentials, alternative sweeteners and grains. Think Organic sources from certified organic brands of India for everything from masalas, grains and snacks. Whereas their vegetables, milk and seasonal products are sourced directly from the farmers.

Do not miss out on their Gir Cow Bilona Ghee as you satisfy your sweet tooth with Indian savouries.

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Make switching to eco-friendly lifestyle even more easier with this certified organic and eco-friendly lifestyle store in Ahmedabad – Greenobazaar. From organic and ayurvedic health supplements and groceries to handmade recycled bamboo products and seed jewellery, the store offers more than 2500 ethical lifestyle essentials from more than 60 handpicked organic brands from across the country.

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Does your healthy morning begin with the lemon and honey ritual? Start your day a fresh with the goodness of honey by Fresh Forest Honey Ahmedabad. Fresh Forest offers a variety of honey which is collected from different Indian hills and from Himalayan mountain forest by more than 200 beekeepers. From Eucalyptus and Acacia honey to Kashmiri white honey and Jamun honey, you will be thrilled to find types of honey that you would have hardly even heard of.

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Arya Sanskriti, Ahmedabad attempts to be a bridge that takes one step forward towards a profound, healthy and joyful life through their carefully made products and services, that are organic, natural, traditional, environment friendly, violence free, local, fair trade, having low carbon foot print and mostly handmade. Their products ranging from organic agricultural produce and spices to handmade invitations and artifacts are sourced from organic farmers and skilled artisans from across the region.

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Indulge into the habit of clean eating with Vikalp Organic Ahmedabad’s organically grown fresh products like grains and pulses, vegetables, Himalayan honey and health products. From giving your breakfast a delicious and organic makeover to taking care of your nutritional needs, the brand offers it all. Do check out their dragonfruit jam, methipak and organic ragi flakes!

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Ayuda Organics, Ahmedabad is home to a range of organic edible food brands and skincare brands. From organic fruits and vegetables and organic breakfast cereals to earthen utensils and skin care essentials that are created using the age old, traditional natural remedies, Ayuda Organics has it all. The brand is known mainly for its ghee and jaggery that will take you back to the days when we consumed only natural and home-made.



Have a habit of carrying chocolate bars everywhere you go? Well, why not pick chocolates that do good more than harm. Ahmedabad -based artisanal chocolate brand – Toska is one of those chocolate brands in the country that follow a bean – to-bar philosophy. The chocolate bars are made with fresh fruits, nuts, berries and flowers to give different flavors to each of their chocolate bars. The brand makes use of properly fermented and dried cocoa beans from very select organic and fair-trade cocoa farmers from around the world. With unconventional flavours like ginger, cardamom, rose petals, saffron, smoked salt and many others, this is one brand you shouldn’t miss out for your love for chocolates.

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Keep our list handy the next time you get confused scouting for farm fresh essentials in the market or search online! Eat nutritious, Eat healthy.

Note: Most of these brands have online presence.