Gardening stands at the top of the list of hobbies with other common ones like stamp or coin collecting and even painting. Known as the “Hobby of the Future” and a great exercise for both the body and the mind, gardening has occupied a special place in the hearts of many, young and old alike. You don’t need a big balcony or a huge space to have your very own house garden. Even a small cozy home can accommodate few pots. Then begins the creativity in styling those plants with beautiful planters. You must have seen trending jute, ceramic and brass planters in recent times.

How about doing some DIY planter sessions to give your garden a unique personality?

Ciceroni’s list of DIY planter ideas has got you covered for when you get the chance to go out post lockdown and buy some of those sublime greens. From old cardboard boxes to bottles, read along to have your very own thriving creative green space.

Antique Brass Planter

Every Asian household possesses antique brass vessels, in the form of urlis, old jewellery boxes or storage cans. If you have them unused at your home, its time to make use of them as you decide to add some greens to your contemporary Indian home. These traditional vintage Indian brass vessels turned into planters can accommodate both indoor and outdoor plants depending on what you choose.

Style Tip: Fill the urli with beautiful floating flowers and place it on your coffee table. In the evenings, you can also add floating scented candles as you sip your favourite cup of evening coffee.

Rework on old bottles:

Think before you toss off all those empty plastic and glass bottles. The simplest method to reuse those old bottles is to turn them into planters. Here’s how you can make it.

1. Cut the desired plastic bottle into half or turn sideways and cut away the section from the top.

2. Punch a few holes on the bottom of the bottle for adequate drainage.

3. Fill up the bottle with tiny stones and organic soil with manure and sow seeds in it to get started.

4. Spray paint or cover it with jute rope to give it a trendy new look.

Style Tip: Place these beautifully done bottle planters on your balcony railings to add a hint of colour to your balcony.

Thrash Cardboards:

Bought a new dress recently? Well, if you still have saved the cardboard boxes, they would make up as elegant eco-friendly planters. All you have to do is:

1. Dig some holes into the bottom of the box for water drainage.

2. Fill the box with small and lightweight planting soil and place it in your garden space.

3. Sow the seeds or replant saplings from existing planters and water the soil in equal measurement.

4. Be sure to water your cardboard planter more often as the material absorbs more water when placed under the sun.

Style Tip: Have an unused cake stand or a tripod? Place the cardboard planters at different layers of the stand to keep the look minimal and classy.

Painter’s Paint Can:

Did the lockdown abruptly stop your home makeover? If yes, its time to pull out those empty paint cans that are causing all the clutter in the corner of your room and turn them into hanging planters. Here’s how you can do it!

1. Add drainage holes depending on the type of paint cans-whether you are willing to use it as a flowerpot or for proper plantation. If you are using the paint cans for greenery, you will need to add proper drainage by drilling holes in the bottom of the cans.

2. For a perfectly styled look, choose paint cans in varied colours and sizes to add a colourful vibe to your garden.

3. Fill the inside of the paint can with potting soil before adding the plant into it.

4. If you are planting flowers, it’s important to use similar variety of flowers to maintain consistency.

Style Tip: If you have trees in your garden, make use of the branches to hang the paint cans or simply place them on the corner of your balcony to make it look like an artwork.

Upcycle your existing planters:

Tired of your old planters? Well, this might be just the right time to give them a makeover. Be it choosing bright spring hues that complement the colours of your flowers, adding tiny knots of upcycled textiles as embellishments or covering the old planters with your old distressed denims, give your old planters a new look depending on your personal vibe.

Anuja Cambatta, Founder – Dragonfly Farm Ahmedabad shares her tips on the space management of planters, “Be it indoors or outdoors, the planters must be placed in a way in which they can be continuously moved around, depending on the overall ambience of your home. Make sure you keep the setting small, be it on a coffee table, around the corner of the house or the dining table.”

Working as a landscapist, plant stylist and bonsai artist, Anuja has gained quite an experience in understanding and enhancing spaces through greens. Highlighting on the importance of accessories, she adds, “You can always amp up the vibe by placing interesting accessories like the candle stands next to an urli filled with floating flowers on your coffee table, fairy lights in and around the hanging planters or if you have succulents, place them on a 2 or 3 tier stand to maintain an elegant look. ”

Bookmark this DIY idea list; use your creativity to nail that Insta-ready garden picture and share it with us!