The magic of Indian crafts and weaves is not unknown. Having spent our lives in this land of multiple cultures and traditions, we see the diversity everywhere, from the bustling lanes of “Puraani Dilli” where one can find cozy woollens and jewellery to “Goan beaches” where seashells rule. We have forever embraced our textile and craft traditions, haven’t we?

From the last few years, there’s a sudden hype in designers trying to restore the dying crafts and weaves, but are they the only ones? New generation of architects and interior designers are going an extra mile by engaging with local communities and craft clusters to recreate products that were once part of our everyday lives.

From accent chairs hand-made with Kashmir’s Kashida to sideboards made of cane and wicker, Ciceroni explores décor that breathes Indian.

  • Konkan Basin by Iti Tyagi

According to Indian Vedas, banana is considered to be a sacred plant and its leaves are used to serve meals in our county’s southern region. Reminiscence of an ayurvedic spa, this Konkan Basin by Iti Tyagi can transform any living space and give the ambiance a traditional yet sacred vibe.

  • Beatle Speaker by David Shatz

The inspiring songs by The Beatles evoked creativity and liberation and made a continuous impact on the lifestyle of several generations. This vintage-style speaker by David Shatz, made in India, is a tribute to the most successful legend of the 20th century.  

  • Nazar Mirror by Gunava Design

From ornate and oversized to sleek and understated, inspired by the evil eye, Nazar Mirror by Gunava Design is hand-embroidered with beads, kora, sequins and khardana to give a simple mirror an Indian touch. Be it living room or hallway, this mirror is sure to add an element of style and sparkle to any living space.

  • Kashmiri Accent Chair by Sihasn

Driven by the historical significance of Alexander- The Great, the Iskander Accent Chair by Sihasn is handcrafted with Kashmir’s Kashida. Whether it’s for curling up and reading a book or taking a power nap, an accent chair always makes an important design element.   

  • Audrey Table by Iti Tyagi

Iti Tyagi’s piece titled Audrey is flowy with drapes, an unusual element of design, when it comes to cement. “Paris is a good idea”, the iconic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn once said. Inspired by her words, this table is a delicate tale told in the French Louis XV Style. Evoking the tactile qualities of India’s rich fabrics, this table is more like a conversation starter with its tabletop that cascades down like a fine piece of cloth and accentuated by neat folds.

  • Naga Shawl Storage Ottoman by Sihasn

From being a stunning storage essential to a cocktail – table substitute, an ottoman is a real gem. Inspired by the Indian musical instrument – The Tabla, this Ottoman by Sihasn is handmade with the traditional shawl of Nagaland. How are you planning to add this multipurpose gem in your home?

  • Malaga Sideboard by Magari

Magari is known for its contemporary take on cane. Entwined with an element of nostalgia, cane is beautiful, versatile and has a great texture. Retro, modern and stylish at the same time, add a hint of sophistication and elegance to your home with Magari’s Malaga Sideboard that brings back the ‘simplicity in design’ from the 70s.

  • Guldan by Bidri Handicraft

Vases are elemental pieces when placed on a tabletop. Andhra’s famous Bidriware- black copper or steel products with silver or gold thread inlays likely came to India in the 14th century and it still is a famous craft. Guldan (flower vase) by Bidri Handicraft gives this ancient craft a modern touch, making it aesthetically pleasing for modern homes.

  • Cerulean Rose Rug by Mohabbat by Anjali Rana Design

You would have settled for a stylish coffee table or a quirky bean bag, but there’s one decorative accent that adds an undefined elegance to a living space- a rug which is an amalgamation of classical themes and modern styling. Handmade with hand-felted Merino wool, the Cerulean Rose Rug by Mohabbat by Anjali Rana Design features a single rose that not only is reminiscent of the spring season in Kashmir but also reflects the Mughal influence on Kashmir.

  • Chequered Weave Trunk by Skilled Samaritan

Handmade from multiple cloth rags, this chequered weave trunk by Skilled Samaritan resonates with the trunks carried by Rajasthani princesses that were curated mostly for decorating wedding trousseaus, hallways, patios and dressing rooms. More than being a mere functional staple, the trunk speaks of exceptional craftsmanship.

Give a shout out to Indian crafts and tell us how are you incorporating these exceptionally crafted décor essentials in your home this season.