Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and this year, it falls on a Thursday. And to top that off, the coming Monday is a national holiday (15th August). For those of you who have already booked your long weekend vacation (Kudos!) We congratulate you on your foresight and admiration for your readiness. What’s it going to be? Skinny dipping in Bali? Café hopping in Rome? Or maybe a staycation in Amsterdam? Wherever you plan to go, we are sure you might have covered all the necessary pointers and more. Even if you don’t speak a word of the local language, we wouldn’t be astonished if you picked up some of their lingo from the internet.

As fun as it may be planning the vacation, packing for it can be a super downer. If you find yourself peering into the depths of your travel luggage, undecided as to what to put in it, don’t panic. Even the most organised traveller can have their packing efforts blocked.

There’s never been a better moment to put together your own holiday capsule from scratch.

Better yet, we’ve already done the legwork for you by hand-picking the essentials for your holiday capsule wardrobe. Even if you choose one item from each look, you’ll be ready for a long weekend getaway and for many years to come since these timeless patterns will never go out of style.

For The Powerpuff Woman

A refined pantsuit is the ideal choice for someone who wants to feel and look like royalty. When it comes to a pantsuit, there are two types of people: those who love them and those who hate them. This is because there’s nothing quite as sophisticated and elegant as a pantsuit – except, perhaps, a ball gown.

If you’re one of the latter people, then you need to start reconsidering your stance. A simple but chic pantsuit can add an element of sophistication and elegance to any evening soiree or cruise party.

Start off with a simple yet bold Spirit of Salt Jacket with Sword of Sharpness pants in rose colour by Shibui. Try styling it with towering stilettos for an extra boost of glamour. The Flamingo earrings and Heron ring by Esme are the perfect finishing touches. Swarovski never fails to impress.

To avoid seeming tacky and over-the-top, keep your makeup simple and natural-looking, especially around the eyes.

For The Minimalist

Minimalism might sound too radical, but it’s all about having a versatile wardrobe that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. You don’t need to pack a lot of clothes when you travel since you won’t be staying in one place for very long. Instead, you’ll be exploring different parts of the city and seeing everything it has to offer. And a free soul requires a hassle-free look to carry from AM to PM.

For this simple yet chic look, style the Como strap printed camisole with printed pants by The Terra Tribe and then top off your look with Shibui’s reversible shacket for some added layering opportunities!

It might not require too many clothes – but good-looking ones are always essential. And though simplicity is key here – if there’s one accessory, we’d recommend from DE’ANMA’S collection, it would definitely be these stunning earrings!

For The Maximal Diva


Maximal style is all about being on top of your game and looking amazing no matter where you are. Whether you’re attending a sundowner in a pub or taking a stroll around the posh parts of the town, this style will perfectly capture your vibe and make you look and feel like a total goddess.

Put on something that screams confidence to get the party started. Advait’s Richmond tiered dress may be the perfect option for you because of its colour explosion in all the appropriate patterns. To add some pizzazz and edge to your ensemble, choose a statement piece of jewellery in a bright colour to give it an extra pop of personality. In this case, Hypedevi’s Thicc earrings might be the best pick. As a finishing touch, stack these bold rings on your hands to add a dash of sparkle to your outfit.



This look is all about effortless luxury with a lot of edge. You’ll want to rock some shades, a colourful tote bag and high stilettos for an effortlessly chic look that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

For The Flower Child

A fun and carefree ensemble is the perfect way to show off your bohemian side. It is all about having fun and dressing relaxed yet tasteful. Whether you’re heading to the beach or a relaxing session in your B&B, this carefree ensemble will fit the bill.

Start off with a pair of comfortable sandals or clogs. These will help you feel as though you’re not wearing any shoes at all, which will make walking around more comfortable. Throw on a pair of shorts that falls below your waistline, preferably the Wendy shorts by Shibui. This will give you freedom to move and dance around without a worry. Shirt it all off with With N’s indigo core top to add an air of romance and mystery to your look, while also keeping you cool and comfortable in even warmer weather conditions.

An avant-garde neckpiece, and an oversized clutch may take this look to the next level of chicness, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Didn’t find the right fit for you? Well, browse more from a plethora of options at our e-shop and personalise your holiday capsule for the long weekend!


October 29, 2022 — CICERONI TEAM

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