Cascading through the stairs of the royals to occupying a special space in a common man’s humble abode, the Kaleens aka carpets have transcended through time and age only to become an extension of an individual’s personality than being a mere piece of ornamentation. Right from turning your home into a visual fantasy to brightening up your favourite cosy corner, the carpets hold the ability to transform any given space.

The very first evidences of the art of carpet weaving can be traced in the ancient scriptures and classical writings. History traces back to nomadic Eurasian, Mongolian, and Siberians in 3rd millennium B.C.; they were among the first carpet weavers who introduced the idea of rugs and carpet to the rest of the world. The luxe value of owning a carpet continues till date.

Ciceroni, in its quest to find interesting artisanal rug brands in India, scoured through many and has short-listed these 3 Artisanal Rug Brands in India you must bookmark. Be it the minimalistic design, the serenity of the subtle pastel hues or it’s the craftsmanship that you admire; carpets and rugs by these brands will be striking addition to any home décor, especially with the upcoming Diwali festivities.

Cocoon Fine Rugs

Admired ardently by the interior connoisseurs for their modern and transitional rugs, Cocoon Fine Rugs is an award-winning luxury carpet brand founded by Ayush Choudhary in 2009. Stepping into India’s dense design industry, the brand opened its first flagship store in Mumbai and further branched out in Bangalore, Kolkata and Jaipur. A front runner in the luxury rug space, the brand spells out innovation through its millennial colour palette, unconventional design aesthetics and their limited collections that were handcrafted in collaboration with renowned architects, fashion and interior designers like Ashiesh Shah, JJ Valaya, Rooshad Shroff and Varun Bahl.

Speaking of the brand’s latest collection “Convergence”, Smriti Choudhary, Head – Brand Marketing, Cocoon Fine Rugs shared “Convergence, our recent collection has been a collaboration with Malta based designer Keith Pillow of The DaaaHaus Group. The designs are a convergence of the works of artist James Vella Clark’s oil on canvas series which are inspired by the landscapes of Malta.”

Elaborating on the details of this artistic collection, she added, “This rug collection is a convergence of cultures with nature as its inspiration. It is a blend of pure natural wool and silk, the slight imperfections in the weaves have been expertly measured to best to recreate the original paintings of James Vella Clark. From the production care, to the colours and textures this series of carpets is truly a sumptuous and metamorphic intent. Ayush Choudhary and Keith Pillow, Creative Director, DaaaHaus have worked together over the past 8 months to jointly create this limited edition of rugs to bring out the signatures of both labels.”

Keeping up with the likes of the millennials, the brand’s collection of rugs is classic, modern and edgy all at the same time. This Diwali, bring home a piece of woven art.

Village Weavers

Founded by Deep Chand Jain and Khushi Jain with an aim to uplift the weaver community of Mirzapur, Village Weavers is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of exquisite handcrafted floor coverings and flat weaves in India. Started as a humble weaving unit 40 years ago in order to support the local artisan community of Mirzapur, the label has now transformed into a globally acclaimed colossal brand that is at par with coveted designer decor houses across the world.

Carpets are known for the intricacy in the weaving, the complex designs and hours of perseverance and hard work.

Delving into the making of carpets, Ciceroni got in conversation with Khushi Jain, Creative Designer – Village Weavers. She says, “It takes 180 hours to make a flat weave rug. Intricate designs takes much longer time; up to 360 hours in weave and washing, stretching and finishing.”

With changing markets and trends, it’s essential for weavers and artisans to stay relevant in design and colour. Shedding light on the same, Khushi adds “We ensure that our weavers are digitally aware and are well versed with changing market trends. If the weaving is too complex, they take the help of laminated maps featuring printed designs in bright colours, mainly used for the clear visibility of the looms .”

Having won the Design award at the India Carpet Expo 2020, the brand is known for fusing modern trends and contemporary designs with traditional weaves and heritage craftsmanship in order to create transitional floor art. Get your hands on one ?

‘The Ambiente’ by Bhadohi Carpets

Originated from Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh, famously known as the carpet city of India and South – Asia’s largest hub for carpet weaving and distribution in the world, Bhadohi Carpets is known for their luxurious handwoven rugs. With more than 3 decades of experience in international carpet retailing and handling luxury projects, Bhadohi Carpets launched their private label – The Ambiente in 2019 with founders Avani Khandelwal and Ayush Baranwal.

Handcrafted with consistent precision and intricacy, the brand’s newest offering “Aaina” is a tribute to the brand’s birth-state Uttar Pradesh. On the ghats of the majestic Varanasi, much like the Ganga, each hand-woven rug works as an ‘aaina’ or mirror that reflects the spirit of the state illustrating its culture, customs, art, architecture and lifestyle. ‘Aaina’ encapsulates their Anarkali, Pratha, Kafur, Mystic, Chaos, Galliyan and Heritage, collections.

The ‘Anarkali’ rug takes inspiration from the majestic Taj Mahal and beautifully illustrates the timeless art, architecture and craftsmanship. Drenched in the hues of tradition, ‘Pratha’ emits the feeling of pride in history and culture through the ancient motifs and texture. ‘Kafur’ echoes the fading away of past to welcome the future. Through its erratic blur, the rug reflects a transition of culture, amidst the constant journey of changing times. With the ever-flowing seamless Ganga as a muse, the ‘Mystic’ rug reflects the mysterious and varied sentiment that the river evokes. ‘Chaos’ will transport you to the serenity in hustle-bustle, the symphony of mowing cows, the intriguing haphazard architecture and the alluring juxtaposition of colours. All of this in one. ‘Galliyan’ is a labyrinth of narrow lanes, interconnected and endless, beholding a soul of their own. The rug mirrors each alley, filled with extensive history, mysterious tales amalgamated cultures and a constant movement of life. Rightfully elaborating the exquisiteness and intricacy of Mughal jewels, the ‘Heritage’ rug resonates the timeless aesthetic of Indian design.

Let these carpets be the “aaina” of your aesthetics.

From welcoming the new season, to sprucing up your home for festivities, these 3 artisanal rug brands will paint your home with stories and colours of cultures from across the world.

Ciceroni Team