Style Speak with Nidhi Lodha

Style Speak with Nidhi Lodha

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Nidhi Lodha’s personal style is just as wild yet easy as her jewellery brand- June. Bold to experiment the old and the new, you will always find her sartorial choices dramatic and unconventional. Beyond the idea of trends she carves a unique style statement with her eclectic aesthetics veering towards the flower-child times.

Understanding her sheer love for Indian crafts and travel, she forayed into the world of jewellery design through her brand- June after pursuing copy-writing from MICA along with a brief stint in advertising.

Ciceroni uncovers Nidhi Lodha’s style secrets!

  • 3 words to define your personal style

 Comfortable ensembles donned with statement accessories and accentuated color pops.

  • Your favorite fashion icon

 Leandra Cohen for her chic street styles.

  • One fashion trend you are digging in 2019

 Mixing florals in anything and everything

  • One fashion trend that makes you cringe  

 The new cycling shorts trend. I find it weird. 

  • If you had just one garment to wear for the rest of your life, what would that be?

 Comfortable and Cozy Overcoats 

  • Understated elegance or maximalist drama?

 Maximalist drama- what’s life without a little bit of drama!

  • One celeb you would want to swap your wardrobe with?

 Alia Bhatt for her styles that are the best of both worlds, the modern and the classics.

  • 3 make-up products you just can’t do without?

 Liner, bronzer and a pink lip shade are a must have come what may!

  • How old were you when you first applied lipstick?

 I was 21 when I applied lipstick for the first time.

  • Bold lips or nude style?

Bold lips creates a statement even when worn with the most boring outfit.

  • One Nani ka Nuskha you swear by

 I always remember to oil my hair to keep them hydrated and healthy.

  • Night ritual for skin

Oh it’s very simple! I cleanse my face and apply moisturizer.

  • Easy solution for bad hair day

A messy bun always does the magic.

  • Vacation on your mind

There’s a Bali trip happening soon!

  • What’s on your reading desk?

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.

  • Music for your soul

The Jamaican Reggae. 

  • Movie and Series recommendation

Game Changers

  • Daily fitness routine in 3 words

Water, Walk and Healthy food.

  • Your food craving

Oh I love Cheesecakes!  

  • Quote that you live by

“But look how far you’ve come.”

“Style Speak” is a weekly series exploring the fashion, style, beauty, fitness and cultural identities of different personalities thereby shaping the discourse beyond the flippant surface of mere trends.

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