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Launched in June 2020 by Heta and Krupali, Edenek is a contemporary designer jewellery brand based out of Vadodara, Gujarat. The ideology that shaped Edenek is deceptively simple: to revolutionise the way we look at concrete by using it to create hand-crafted pieces of jewellery that tell a story.

Edenek is a reflection, an extension of the world as we see it - minimal and striking, bold and stunning. Edenek, meaning 'paradise around my neck', is derived from a combination of the words Eden and Neck. It is an endeavour that strives to convey the medley of the founder's passion for concrete, structures, geometry and jewellery. 


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Elenor Earrings

These strong earrings are a representation of Eleanor Roosevelt – who redefied and reshaped the role of the First Lady of the United States of America. Strong and graceful, these earrings are a staple for business meetings or casual dinners.
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Semi Circle Earrings

Handmade with concrete and brass, the semi-circle earrings is a statement piece to own this season. Be it a quick brunch with your girlies or a last minute evening party, be rest assured as the neckpiece works well with both Indian and western silhouettes alike. It also makes up as a perfect gifting option.
₹ 4,200.00 incl tax
₹ 3,200.00 incl tax

Abacus Earrings

Handmade with concrete and brass, the Abacus earring resonates with the geometry of life taking design inspiration from Abacus. This statement earring is a right mix of modern and delicate. Sport it with your favourite casual dress or a formal look.
₹ 2,800.00 incl tax
₹ 1,800.00 incl tax

Abstract Neckpiece

A proponent of minimalistic fashion? Handmade with concrete and brass, the contemporary abstract neckpiece talks about the ease of living. This statement neckpiece is bold and feminine all at the same time. Accessorize it with your favourite casual dress or a a formal office attire.
₹ 3,599.00 incl tax
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Rise & Set Neckpiece

Handmade with concrete and brass, the rise and set neckpiece is a statement piece to own this season. The neckpiece works well with both Indian and western silhouettes alike.
₹ 3,549.00 incl tax
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Rise and Set Concrete Brass Neckpiece

This brass link chain with concrete spheres representing the sun and moon is an aesthetic rendering of the cycle of the two stars that link day and night, time and moments. Be it a summer brunch date with your girlies or to suit your work from home look, this piece of jewellery will be just the right addition.
₹ 3,550.00 incl tax

Baromaasi Concrete Brass Neckpiece

BAROMAASI or 12 months or 365 days! Flaunt this fun geometry compass box inspired pendant neckpiece anytime, any day, with any outfit. We say you style it with the Baromasi stud earrings.
₹ 5,900.00 incl tax

Retro Concrete Brass Neckpiece

Think retro, think bling, big and round! This neckpiece is a throwback to the days of all things shiny, golden and glamorous. Give the retro look a green signal by teaming it up with the famous bell bottoms and strappy crop tops!
₹ 3,900.00 incl tax
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Line Weight Concrete and Brass Earring

Playing with lines to convey depth or importance is integral to architectural drawings. And these handcrafted earrings in concrete and brass use the same technique to draw attention to the importance of lines and spheres. We say, you can pair this edgy piece with both traditional casual kurta sets and western co-ord sets alike.
₹ 4,200.00 incl tax
₹ 3,200.00 incl tax

Indah Concrete and Brass Earrings

Fall in love with the elegance of lines, the kind that'll make you stand out in the crowd. Indah means pretty in the Indonesian language. If you are wiling to stock your jewellery box with aesthetic and classy piece, this one made out of concrete and brass is for you!
₹ 2,750.00 incl tax
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Vanilla Concrete Brass Earrings

Is geometry inspired by nature? Or is nature inspired by geometry? The answer may be hidden in these handcrafted concrete and brass earrings inspired by the star-shaped vanilla orchid. Classic, ethereal and timeless, these astral earrings are a wardrobe must have.
₹ 3,500.00 incl tax
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Hanger Concrete Brass Earrings

In a flip, the quintessential multipurpose hanger earring is redefined into an unconventional pair of earrings. The inverted hanger is a reminder that there is beauty even in the most mundane. Team up this geometrical piece of jewellery with your favourite staple to go edgy and chic.
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax