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Black bird juicer

The black glazed two piece citrus juicer comes with a jug at the bottom for easy pouring of the juice that has been freshly squeezed. The top part of the juicer has a strainer system to make sure no seeds fall into the jug. With a Bird motif hand painted on the jug, it can become your ally for daily use.
₹ 7,670.00 incl tax

Textured Flower Vase

Add in florals to your decor by investing in this textured flower vase by Veena Chandran. The flower vase is one of a kind piece which has beautiful pattern carved and various glazes painted to create its surface decoration.
₹ 9,971.00 incl tax

Marbeled Tumblers | Glasses (Set of 2)

Bring home this set of marbeled tumblers by Veena Chandran , not just for serving to guests but for self too. Brown and cream coloured clay has been marbled together to create these tumblers/glasses. They are unglazed on the outside so that the marbling is clearly visible, whereas the inside is glazed.
₹ 1,534.00 incl tax

Marbeled Mugs (Set of 2)

Tea time made extra conversation-worthy with these marbeled mugs from Veena Chandran. Brown and cream coloured clay have been marbled together to create these mugs. They are unglazed on the outside so that the marbling is clearly visible, whereas the inside of the mug is glazed.
₹ 1,841.00 incl tax

Pasta plates (Set of 2)

Dinner for two made memorable with these pasta plates by Veena Chandran. The bowl plates have been glazed using a glossy white and black glaze for the modern vibes. The overlap of these two glazes provides a beautiful speckled band in the middle of the bowl.
₹ 3,988.00 incl tax

White porcelain wood fired bowl

Hosting a brunch ? Get your crockery right with this white porcelain bowl that has been wood fired. It has earthy brown spiral pattern hand-painted in the inner side to give it some texture. The variety of colours and textures seen on its surface is because of the firing technique that is completely unique to the piece and cannot be replicated. Claim your exquisite piece.
₹ 4,602.00 incl tax

Bud Sculptural vase

Bring home a piece of art and story with this Bud Sculptural Vase made by Veena Chandran. This wood fired vase was created in Denmark during her residency at Guldagergaard ceramic center, Denmark. It has various shades and patterns created by the flame and ash interacting with the piece during the firing process.
₹ 23,010.00 incl tax

Re-evolve Sculptural Art

Bring art in your home with this textured sculptural art piece from Veena Chandran. The top form was part of artist's exploration through her Re-Evolve series. The representation of these oblate spheroids in clay and water exemplifies a changing future we all are gravitating towards, with not just bulging equator’s and shifting poles but also a unified movement of atoms – liquid or lipid. The sculptural piece is made of high fired stoneware clay and has a white textured glaze applied to create movement within the form. It comes with its metal frame where it can be displayed either suspended in the metal frame or can be displayed laying flat on a table top.
₹ 23,010.00 incl tax

Egyptian Blue Sculptural Vase

Vases and flowers are two perfect additions to amp up the home decor. This Egyptian Blue sculptural vase by Veena Chandran is one of a kind limited edition piece. Made from high fired stoneware clay, the blue pattern created by glazing adds to the drama.
₹ 9,971.00 incl tax

Dragonfly Wall Art

Adorn your walls with this one of a kind decorative wall art made from ceramics. With turquoise accents, it can add a beautiful pop of colour on your coveted wall. Creating pieces of art from ceramics, Veena Chandran gives life to clay with her imaginative ideas.
₹ 12,555.00 incl tax

Textured wood fired sculptural bowl

Bring art to your home with Kurinuki sculptural bowl. Kurinuki is a Japanese technique that employs carving out a shaped solid block of clay to obtain interior space. This sculptural bowl has been created using this particular hand-forming process. The piece has been wood fired in a large wood kiln. The textures in the clay has caught the ash and flame of the wood firing process creating absolutely unique patterns, colours and textures on the surface.
₹ 16,107.00 incl tax

Pouring Jug Sculptural Vase

Treat it as a collectible or use it as a discerning tastemaker; this pouring jug sculptural vase by Veena Chandran is a winner. This tall vase with brown pouring lip is made from high fired stoneware clay. The poured pattern has been created using a brownish glaze.
₹ 9,204.00 incl tax