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Products tagged with 'assorted candles'

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Beachy Vibe Scented Candle - 170 gms

Diffusing amber essential oil at home is not only a wonderful way to improve the odour of your house, but also provides an antibacterial and immune-boosting shield to surfaces and floors. It's time to go beachy at home!
₹ 599.00 incl tax

Chocoholic Mint Scented Candle - 170 gms

The Chocoholic Mint Scented Candle has a soothing and refreshing effects in cases of tension and stress. The chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac and hence it helps in uplifting your mood!
₹ 599.00 incl tax

Blooming Flora Scented Candle - 170 gms

Jasmine Scented Candles are best to relieve cramps, depression, insomnia. Jasmine flowers that are also known as Mistress of Night are most liked by the perfume industry because of its exotic nature and aroma. They have an age-old reputation of an Aphrodisiac.
₹ 599.00 incl tax

Orchard Zest Scented Candle - 170 gms

Encapsulating the Apple Green Scented Oil, the candle helps in uplifting your energy, balance your emotions and calm your mind. This fragrance is sure to give you a well-balanced sweet and citrus aroma.
₹ 599.00 incl tax

Tangy Citrus Scented Candle - 170 gms

With aroma extracted from Cinnamon Essential Oil, the Tangy Citrus Scented Candle helps in detoxifying air, eases painful muscles and reduces headache. It improves your brain's functioning capacity and helps in better concentration.
₹ 599.00 incl tax

Tender Vanilla Scented Candle - 170 gms

Tender Vanilla Scented Candles can help stop cravings for sweet desserts! This scent can help you get a peaceful Good Night's sleep as well. It has the ability to calm your brain and relieve you from anxiety because of its sedative properties.
₹ 599.00 incl tax