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Indigo & Lac Handwoven Stole

Created by mixing indigo and lac, this rich purple coloured Ryndia Silk stole is just what you need for the statement accessory. Made by the weavers of Meghalaya, this indigo and lac coloured stole will be your wardrobe star.
₹ 3,360.00 incl tax

Red Ryndia Stole

Feisty and fun, this red Ryndia silk stole naturally dyed in turmeric and Brazilian wood calls for party vibes. Rooted in indigenous weave and contemporary in style, this ahimsa silk stole is woven by the weavers from Meghalaya.
₹ 3,360.00 incl tax

Indigo Ryndia Stole

Serenity of Indigo Blue from the mountains of Meghalaya. Bring home this naturally dyed indigo Ryndia Silk ( Ahimsa Silk ) Stole for your festive soirees. Made by the weavers from Meghalaya, this indigo stole will be your shining star on starry nights.
₹ 3,360.00 incl tax

Harda Ryndia Stole

Ring in the festive cheer with this naturally dyed green Ryndia silk ( Ahimsa Silk ) Stole. Dyed in Harda, this stole has been made by the weavers from Meghalaya as they continue their indigenous tradition of weaving Ryndia silk.
₹ 3,360.00 incl tax

Brazilian Wood Ryndia Stole

Coloured from Brazilian wood, the stunning reddish pink hue of this Ryndia Silk ( Ahimsa Silk ) stole makes it a perfect festive addition. Made by the weavers from Meghalaya, this stole will last you many winters.
₹ 3,360.00 incl tax

Geometric Neck-piece - Blue

A must-have collectible choker made from clay. This necklace is designed for individuals who appreciate sophistication and style. Colour block it with your dresses or go monochrome.
₹ 2,500.00 incl tax

Iron Ore & Lac Coloured Ryndia Stole

Lay your hands on this Ryndia Silk ( Ahimsa Silk ) stole naturally dyed in Iron Ore and Lac Colour for the upcoming cool weather. It works not just in winters but summers too, thanks to its thermal properties. Made by the weavers from Meghalaya, this stole will be be your collectible item.
₹ 5,040.00 incl tax

Turmeric Floral Handwoven Stole

Turmeric, Indigo and Lac Coloured Stole with dainty floral motifs make for a subtle accessory to amp your style. Made by the weavers from Meghalaya, this stole will be an added diversity to your woven collection.
₹ 5,040.00 incl tax

Turmeric & Lac Handwoven Stole

A perfect zesty accompaniment for your kurta set. This turmeric and lac coloured Ryndia Silk ( Ahimsa Silk ) stole with tassels will add up colour to any neutral outfits. Made by the weavers from Meghalaya, this stole gets its earthy colours from Lac and Turmeric.
₹ 5,040.00 incl tax

Checkered Ryndia Stole

Checks can never go wrong, not even in stoles. Naturally dyed in Onion Peel, Iron Ore, Off White and Lac Colour, this Ryndia Silk ( Ahimsa Silk) Checkered Stole will team perfectly well with all your contemporary outfits. Made by the weavers from Meghalaya, this stole will be a conversation starter.
₹ 5,040.00 incl tax

Brown Checkered Ryndia Stole

If understated is your style, then look no further than this naturally dyed checkered stole in Ryndia Silk ( Ahimsa Silk ) for your accessory collection. Made by the weavers from Meghalaya, this stole gets its earthy colours from Lac, Turmeric and Onion Peel maintaining the rustic feel of the nature.
₹ 5,040.00 incl tax

Rust & Grey Clay Brooch

An exclusive artwork, waiting to be pinned by you. This versatile rust & grey clay brooch can be pinned on your jackets or tee-shirts. You can amp up your saree game too. Gender inclusive.
₹ 1,000.00 incl tax
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