Raison d'être

For a long time, the words ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Brands’ & ‘Fashion’ were hallowed inaccessible citadels, reserved for the select few; the affluent and the well-heeled. These were tags that conjured up images of horse races, fast cars, golf courses, board meetings and the maharaja’s palaces. It was a mutual and exclusive relationship, wherein the product, experience and lifestyle were woven in by the brand, and patrons flaunted the brand on their sleeve as a sign of being privileged. In due course, while many brands did make inroads to reach out to the new urban ‘consuming class’, it took a global revolution in the form of ‘Internet’ to open the floodgates. The dawn of internet signalled a revolution in the world of lifestyle.

The internet has proved to be a democratizing factor. Its advent has spawned a plethora of brands, forums and e-commerce marketplaces, making trends more accessible for everyone and expanding the options of where, when and how we consume. The internet has not only heightened aspirations but also compelled the leading global brands to make themselves relevant to the increasingly fluid tastes of consumers. India’s surge in the global economic scene, along with rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, has also witnessed the rise of consumerism. The Indian fashion and lifestyle goods market size is pegged at $14 billion in 2016 and growing exponentially year on year. Both national and international brands are vying for a share of this pie and consolidate their brand presence.

In this back drop, the urban Indian consumer is spoilt for choices. The cacophony of brands is disconcerting, as consumers rush their choices through mayhem of discounts, claims and cross-selling. The downside is that Indian consumers are either hurried or crippled by the choices on the internet, with no reliable guidance on what brand to trust and what to buy. In effect, blogs and e-commerce reviews are often naive odes dedicated to brands and product launches with a conspicuous absence of credibility.

Who are We?

Ciceroni is a ground-breaking hyperlocal online Lifestyle & Fashion Guide. We are a celebration of everything in design, fashion and spunky lifestyle that is forged together by a team of spiffy and aesthetic curators on a single comprehensive digital platform. Ciceroni is an online community, a forum, an eclectic space that is dedicated to downright honest and credible reviews on brands, trends, haute couture, ensembles, accessories, interiors, home decor, toiletries, artefacts and curios. Our mobile app and desktop is designed to be a city specific ready-reckoner for the latest events in art, design and lifestyle while featuring trends and best deals from both local boutiques and international brands to feed your style quotient. Envisaged as a definitive online guide on lifestyle and fashion, we recommend, curate, review, forecast and provide expert opinions to spur dialogues in style that are nuanced and enlightening.

Ciceroni app is well organised, easy to navigate and a sheer delight in exploring lifestyle and fashion in a way that is as expressive and unique as you are. We have taken a step further by encouraging our community to engage in discourse on our forum by giving insightful user reviews on brands, products and trends that in turn becomes genuine feedback for brands and designers. We are a social platform for engaging fashionistas with trusted user reviews while enabling and encouraging them to give their own opinions on the latest events in fashion and lifestyle in the city. Our first-class user experience becomes even more exciting with editorials by our team of experts and critics, who are clued on to Indian and Global trends in fashion, lifestyle and design, and elaborate on incredible products, brands and movements.

Ciceroni is the essential online destination that exhibits and reviews carefully curated Fashion collection, accessories, lifestyle and interior products for the discerning trendsetter. It is your local style guide that provides a social platform for conversations and reviews with your friends and peers.

Founder and CEO - Neha Sheth

Neha Sheth

Ciceroni is the brain-child of Neha Sheth, CEO of Musikaar. She has 22+ years of experience in all aspects of Software Engineering. She founded Musikaar in 2005, a software firm that provides premier offshore software services for Software Development, QA and Managed IT Services for hi-tech companies in North America. Before starting Musikaar, she had worked for over a decade in the Silicon Valley in start-ups and large companies such as BMC Software and McAfee.

Neha has been the recipient of a few awards such as ‘An Outstanding Entrepreneur’ ­ from Congress (Gujarat) and Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur’ from GESIA (Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association).

She has graduated with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. In her free time, she rides her horses, learns Spanish and listens to classical music besides appreciating good life.

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