Valentine’s Gifting 2021 – 10 Picks from Ciceroni’s E-Shop Under Rs. 5000

Valentine’s Gifting 2021 – 10 Picks from Ciceroni’s E-Shop Under Rs. 5000

If 2020 has taught one thing, it has been to value what you have and cherish it and be as expressive as you can. While the cynics in you might smirk at the idea of Valentine’s day and gifting, we say there is no harm in expressing your love, even if it’s a commercial day. Gift a token of love, write a letter, draw a card, bake a cake or give a spa session. In case you are the lazy goose, you know you can rely on us to suggest you best gifting options.

We are certain you might have been switching from site to site trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one. With an astounding number of discounts and gifts flooding your Instagram feeds and app notifications, it can get overwhelming to pick the right one!

Be it a conscious gift for the conscious one or a something quirky for the funny, be it an unusual shirt for ‘him’ or a statement-making jewellery for ‘her’, be it an eccentric home décor staple for the artist or something plain-Jane for the minimalist, Ciceroni reveals ‘10 thoughtful gifts under Rs. 5000 from Ciceroni’s E-Shop for everyone on your list! (Even yourself!)

Scouting for a décor connoisseur?

Inspired from the purpose of Reusability, Joyous Beam came up with the concept of “Concrete Candles”. The speciality about these scented beauties is that they are made from dead rock and the sturdiness and texture of the mould gives it an aesthetic look. This beautiful collection can add aroma, warmth and charm to homes and offices alike, when placed with some planters by the side to create a soothing ambience.

Is she artsy?

The Tiki- Taka shirt by The K-Cult is an elaborate reversible shirt that talks about connections, the multiple faces we encounter in a lifetime. Edgy and eclectic, it can be styled with pants or statement-making skirt to complete the look!

The perfect bag for the one in love with crafts!

Speaking of the “IT” trend of 2021, this beige and brown macrame clutch is perfect gifting idea for the lovers of craft. Hand-crafted using organic cotton threads, this clutch will act as a statement accessory. It can be styled with denims and shirt for a minimalistic street-style look or with sassy party dresses for an eclectic look.

For the oenophiles you treasure!

Indulge in some guilt free gifting indulgence with this Iha wine bag. Handmade from cork, this wine bag is lightweight and sturdy. Available in different designs, the wine bag comes with top handles for easy carrying. Remember “sharing wine is about memories”!

For the man in your life!

Wear art over your heart. And carry it with you. Let it tell a story about you. This quirky design has been sketched and then block printed on cotton linen to create a shirt for him to remember. We say it is the right choice for Indian summers!

To the one who loves to dream and doodle!

A journal to doodle! Add in this Navy-Blue Hardcover Notebook to make your doodles look all the more creative. After-all, appearances do matter. If you want to gift it to your Inktober buddies, this is the perfect one.

For those who HATE drink marks from beverages on their table tops and LOVE art!

Artfully crafted with resin and premium rayon fabric, Apoyo coasters make up as excellent presents. Functional and a show piece at the same time, it can save the table tops while adding a cool arty element on the table.

For the one fond of ‘Black’ and Board meetings!

What is this that stands before me? Yes, the lyrics of Black Sabbath stand true even for this classic black mandarin collared two-piece safari suit. Made from premium worsted wool and detailed with marble plastic buttons, this safari suit can be the highlight of a modern creative professional.

For the love of everything dainty and pink!

Let’s twirl around without a care in the world. This divine kota doria pleated dress in white will transport the wearer to the picnic set-ups and fuzzy memories. Block printed in contemporary style, this dress is an instant pick-me up for those who seek comfort and style both.

For the versatile fashionista!

Pearl has long been associated with the traditional, feminine style of women whose fashion choices are vintage and classic. Handmade in brass, the pearl choker by Ruhhette can seamlessly balance the look when adorned with relaxed suit and stilettos.

From gifts they would like but never tell and, the ones that have been on top of your wish list, Ciceroni’s curated gift guide from Ciceroni’s E-Shop has it all!

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